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4/15/2006 11:28 am

There comes a time within a "relationship" that it has to be decided if you want to include the partner in your home life. Does he get to meet the daughter...the mother who lives next door...the clan that seem to invade your space on a daily basis. The work environment..the trips to the grocery store you frequent and everyone knows you. The local bar where you occasionally go to unwind. Is it time to become a gossip item? Can he stay overnight with you occasionally with his vehicle obvious to everyone, in your driveway? In the past I have allowed the relationship to move quickly. Letting the man become part of the "clan". My family getting to know daughter adjusted to him being there for supper, even waking up to him being there drinking coffee. This hasnt happened alot, but enough that the "clan" laughs now if I mention this "awesome" guy I met. Its mentioned, wasnt the LAST one awesome? What did you do with MR AWESOME #2? or #3...They finally resorted to letting me chatwhore cheater guy, pooper, mr. toomuchwork guy..the screamerguy...its simpler than explaining it all the time. They are their breakup reason names then. I begin to chatwhore used to be,mr. awesome,he gets along with my family so well guy.....til I found out he was dating 2 other women beside partypooper..used to be mr awesomeSEX guy. totally into making me cum as many times as I could, but then became, he slept all the time and didnt pay enough attention to me guy. Now for Mr toomuchwork guy..He was awesome, cute,so touchy feelie,hand holding (omg) yesss guy..He was awesome, didnt I already mention that. yeah....then, work.. it happens...I could have been understanding, but...I was sooo fucking horny..he turned was too hard to wait around for his freetime or him to make me a priority guy.. I wont even go into the screamer guy... So...When one sets out to find all the great points about someone, and disregards their faults...or??? they dont show them til its a deal breaker situation...whats a woman to do? ..I guess I could be all responsible and mature and say, I understand baby...go cheat..come back to me..the one you wanted to get to know so well first..!..or....dont worry about me need your sleep..ill wait for you?...Or...I comes first, Ill just take longer showers...nah...I will be the first one to go out of my way, within my limitations to let a man know I want to be with him, have lucious hot long wet sexually charged sessions with him and...make the time to do it..Now...for mr current...OMG! HE is AWESOME!!!!!he is a cutie too and he makes me soo fuckin wet---I dont intend on letting him scream at me..only in pleasure, I intend on keeping him so friggin wore out, he wont want to cheat, his job fits my schedule very well, and....the only time Im letting him sleep is if its after hours of pleasing, and hes got me wore out.. Im such an optimist! LONG OVERDUE UPDATE......results on that MR awesome...Mr awesome sex, I cant go 20 seconds without my hands on you guy......turned into Mr I'm applying for a job 3 fricking hours from you guy....and that ends that....absence doesnt make the heart grow makes it crazy...longing for sex and companionship doesnt become me, nor do i think it helps any "relationship"..possibly I jumped the gun and didnt allow for time to tell on the job...but...I figure...if it wasnt that...eventually it would be another job...elsewhere...Ive been with men who feel needs for things I cant provide...its not a fun atmoshere to engage in a relationship within..Ive settled comfortably into my life at this point...I just need the right accompaniment to accentuate what I do have already..I need a man by my side, not one who runs and hides... that should be some song...!!! or a blog subject...hmmmmmm to be continued..

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