A Time Of Redemption  

whineyblonde0r 54F
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4/16/2006 7:06 am
A Time Of Redemption

Upon waking this morning, I lazily laid in bed. Trying to go back to sleep, but my mind not allowing that to be possible. Easter Morning... A rebirth of the possibilities in life. Should I take this as a fresh start? A new beginning to my life such as I have known it? The birds are very vocal outside my window. Knowing that their only requirement is a fresh worm they have plucked from the soaked ground and a warm nest.And OF course a mate... It is gray and cloudy, and matches my mood when waking. Again I am alone, my own warmth still feels comforting to me.I have become accustomed to waking up alone and not reaching over to feel someone there. A comfy nest never the less. I finally get up to make coffee, rummage thru the cupboards for some sort of breakfast to fix...There is no mate to bring me that, not this morning. I have started new again. Finding out about a person, his likes, dislikes..his turn ons and his turn offs..there are millions of things I will want to know about him and him to know about me. I will be very much myself with him. Allowing the "secrets" to my mind flow out unrestricted, not censoring my behavior and allowing a true reading of what makes me tick be right upfront with him. He should assume I can't possibly go 20 seconds near him without thinking sexually of him. I love when a man looks deeply into my eyes as if he will enter my very mind and read the thoughts there. He will need to be very attentive, which I like and he understands? that I need, thats its just not a desire...it will soothe me to know he thinks about me at random times and responds to the thoughts..will I still wonder if there is a better nest, a better mate to be found.nah..he would bring me a plump worm to sate my hunger........

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