Nice Guys Finish Last.  

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2/28/2006 5:43 pm

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Nice Guys Finish Last.

im sure everyone has experianced at least somone who is special and rare in some way, a person that you may not be with but have admired them in a way that you do not normall admire somone. This the basis of my theory tell me what you all think. The one person that you admire that much will never fall for you, when you are that attracted to somone you are jealous, too persistant and to sensative. I have encountered a situation where i have found that person but i dont act like my normal confident self around her because i have completely fallen for her, i would do anything for her. But it gets you no where. Why is wrong with guys you girls ask? What is wrong with you girls when you can't pick a guy that likes you that much. its unfortutnate but true... girls want what they can't have. The most classic scenario.....

A woman walks into a shop seeing some shoes she thinks are really hot, unfortunantly they are not in her size. From now on the woman will complain and winge abuot how much she wanted those shoes all because they are now no longer available to her.

how do you brake this problem is there hope for love?

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