A woman with endurance: Whose out there?  

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7/9/2005 10:56 am

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A woman with endurance: Whose out there?

Anybody keeping up with my blog knows I have a pretty good sexual appetite....almost going on a few weeks straight fucking every other day or so. All safe and fun, of course...

but here's the common denominator with all women I meet....

1) I never cum first. Not a woman since I was 18 ever made me cum before she did. NEVER and it's okay, because I was trained to know that it's a woman that has to cum first anyway.

Now...I've been in situations where she wouldn't cum after a couple of hours and we're both exhausted from pumping....then I just let go because it's getting to be just redundandt. Most times, a woman had gone through things or she has someone else on her mind (such as her husband coming through the door) and times like that nobody is interested in cumming.... but my poitn is, there are times when the woman and I will just stop working each other because it's not happening on either side. Hot and horny, but stroking and going nowhere...go figure. It happens.

2) Endurance. The woman is ALWAYS the first to pass out. Cum or not, she's the first to lay there shaking and twitching telling me how sensitive her body is suddenly and why she doesn't want me to touch her right now. I can eat for hours and when she cums in my mouth, it's usually over and I'm sitting there waiting for round two for her to get ready.

I'm willing to PAY if a woman can goddamn well keep up with me for a change. So fucking tired of watching her ass sleep for hours before she's up for more.

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