When is it an insult or a compliment?  

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3/24/2006 7:18 am

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When is it an insult or a compliment?

Now I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the female body, it is not just a sexy or sexual attraction, it is a number of things. The overall shape, her breasts, hips thighs, all the way down to her feet, her hair, and just their petite necks and lips. However, the number one thing is her rear. A woman in jeans, shorts, skirt, G-string to Granny panties, her ass is an amazing thing to look at. The sort of tear drop shape or upside down, heart sometimes drives me nuts. Sometimes I think it may be more attractive with a piece of clothing still on than nothing, that may be the tease of still being clothed I do not know. Now her ass does not have to be the so called perfect ass, even the small, flat, or large round ones still have attraction I am not a perfect body type, and life is not always easy enough to get, maintain and keep that look, just so long as she try’s, and doesn't give up then it should be fine. Now this leads me to my question.
When is it an insult if I am looking at a girl’s ass? Now I have to say, I am not staring at it as if it were a rare gem, nor am I moving myself into a sole position to see nothing but that. I usually try to be very discreet about it, corner of the eye, look down at the watch etc... but now and again yeah, I am caught and sometimes I get a smile, and sometimes I get a death look. So is there an unspoken guide out there or a proper etiquette to follow? If women do not want us to give a glance, then why do somewhere clothes that draw our attention there, or have the tattoos, or thong hanging out. Just wondering.

lonelyinny5 44M/42F
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4/26/2006 8:59 am

Truthfully, as long as you are not ogling her and treating her like a piece of meat I don't see the problem. A glance at her round and lovely buttocks should be a compliment.

Women today are looking to gain sincerity and respect in the world of business and just in general. So we become more and more sensitive about being treated as sex objects. But the truth is you would stop to look at a flower should you notice its beauty and so, I see nothing wrong with it. Truthfully, I do it to a great looking man. The way the lines on his suit compliment his natural endowment, the way his shirt falls against his chest, mmmmm. As long as you don't make a spectacle....I do it when I catch a glimpse of a sexy man.

Just as long as you also treat that or any woman as a person with hte same respect as you would should her ass not catch your fancy, I say appreciate all the beauty in the world...even if it is a woman's ass.

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