On The Mad Chase For Money  

wetwet65 53F
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8/10/2006 7:08 pm
On The Mad Chase For Money

There is little time to lose
No leisure to spare
From dawn to dusk
Everyone bent to tasks

It is the same everwhere
In big towns and cities
People are all engaged
In the mad chase for money

Brother cheating brother
Sister lying to sister
Morality is trodden
Where eyes yearn for things that are golden

Schemes, plots and lies
People do not care
All is fair they say
So long as money can be got easily

Everyone goes for quick penny
Make an easy buck people say
Depends on your ingenuity
Everybody goes for money

People do not hesitate to commit crimes anymore
Victims are plain unlucky
Robbery, murders and plots
People want money in pots


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