I Only Care About You  

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9/12/2006 1:21 am

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I Only Care About You

If I hadn't met you
Where would I be right now?
How would the days go by?
Would life be worth treasuring?
If I'd met someone else,
lived a simple life,
I wonder if there would also be
love and tenderness.

*Let the time flow away,
I only care about you.
It's hard to find a real friend in life.
It doesn't matter-even if I lose my energy.
So, I beg you,
Don't let me be kept away from you.
With someone else,
I wouldn't feel the love and tenderness.
If the day was to come
When you said you had to leave,
I would lose myself-
Run into a deep lonely sea.
I don't need any promises-
Let's just be together every day.
I can't live only on my memories.


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