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10/7/2005 10:23 am

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So guess what happened?! The night before we were supposed to hook up with those people, I call to confirm. The wife has no clue what I'm talking about. She said her husband told her he was going to a client's for the weekend. I'm not sure if he was lying to her to free himself up or if he was lying to us. Probably both. Anyway, I sent him an email that said," since we haven't heard from you, we are assuming you are no longer interested. Good luck in your search." And we haven't heard from them since. No big loss, but everything happens for a reason. A few days after that, we were contacted by a couple on the swinglifestyle site. We met them for dinner and they were terrific. Warm, honest, funny, nice looking, no pressure, flirty but not pushy, real people. We invited them over to our house the next day and they showed up!! We played a game, and as we were wrapping it up, I ran upstairs to refill my drink. When I came downstairs again, she was naked on her back on my sofa with her husband and mine paying very close attention to her. She sat up, moved over and my husband grabbed my clothes off. It was like a game: whatever her and her husband did, we followed. The guys ate us on the sofa, then whipped out their hard cocks and we sucked and licked and played with them. Then we switched. The strangest part about it was that I've never cheated on my husband, and here I am sucking off a guy a met the day before, right in front of him, and he's watching me with a huge smile on his face! My new friend asked if we could go further. I looked at my husband who was already nodding. All four of us went over to the bed. I laid down and started sucking my husband's cock again, stroking my new friend's with my left hand while he and his wife both licked my pussy. Finally, she raised her head, grabbed my husband's cock and walked him like a pet, back over to the sofa. She sat down, put her legs up over his shoulders and he was a happy man. Meanwhile, my new friend asked me again if I was ok (he was so sweet on making sure I was comfortable with everything). I gave him a big hug and grabbed a condom and oh lord he felt awesome. His cock was a little bigger than my husbands, but it was straight ( my husband's is curved) so it felt completely different. He whispered in my ear how good it felt, how tight and wet my pussy was, how hard he was going to cum for me...and when he did it was so intense that we both broke into a fit of the giggles. We have plans to meet up with them on the 15th at a Jacuzzi suite somewhere. We will be celebrating our anniversary and her birthday as well. Next time I want to explore my bi curiousity. She licked my pussy so perfectly and I'd love to return the pleasure. She said that perhaps she'll bring some toys too.... I'll keep you posted!

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10/11/2005 9:00 pm

Thanks for the input about the other site. Looks much more interesting.

Seem like you were very successful in finding what you are looking for. Loved your account of your first experience. Why would you even think about cheating when you're fucking right in front of your husband. Hope there's more to "cum" for all four of you!

By the way; fucking and sucking in a hot tub is FANTASTIC!

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