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5/1/2006 3:57 pm

Isn`t life ironic...I have been on this site for over a year and at first when I was looking at profiles that I took an interest to or they to me, I found barely one that admitted to being a smoker. With that, I felt very self conscious, see I have been a smoker for decades Those of you who do/did, understand it can be so hard to toss them in, the cost, what it is doing to your health etc.

Anyway, for the second time, I have done it and it has been VERY easy, just cold turkey and no regrets, no nasty moods, nothing, BRILLIANT!

So now I smell so much better and my ability to smell is better and I have noticed the stinky breath more so now of those who don`t smoke, BLECH! Recently I had a quite a few meetings/training sessions, afterwards my face and chest hurt so much from trying to maintain a respectful position when stinky poo breaths are eminating in your face each time!

The irony in this is that now I find myself being inundated by emails from smokers or each one I look at usually is, yep a smoker. We know it isn`t just a matter of washing our hands and brushing our teeth, it gets in your clothes, any skin that was exposed, in your hair and settle on your face, not exactly a sexual turn on for me.

Ahhhhh, cest la vie

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