You Do It My Way  

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8/14/2006 3:32 am

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You Do It My Way

Isn`t it interesting how someone can try and overlord a situation. They have their ideas how something should proceed and expect you to do it that way or else forget you!

For example I find it very easy someone throwing their email address at you and yet I prefer to establish if I am definately interested before taking it further.There are those that would say, well what`s the big deal, it`s my personal preference not to waste a person`s time. But I would give someone the option and not negate theirs at all, but need to know a couple of things first. The idea that this site isn`t secure and their face picture could end up all over the web and soliciting for unwanted attentions on the back of a public toilet door...well, get real! You`re not that special as much as you think you are. And the urban tales of this happening is few and far between. You know if anyone was so darn interested in the emails on here they would be very pleased to get the variety of email and mobile phone contacts you throw at me. And if they are that interested and that good with IT, they would be able to get into your computer no matter how wonderful the 2 or 3 firewalls you have and you wouldn`t even know.

Sometimes I wonder if it is your paranoia not to want to do the face photo thing on this site, or just some piss weak way of getting my contact off this site so you can annoy me. It happens, lol, I have one guy, not sure where from that after 18months, is still signing me up for stupid little web games, fill ins and emailing me to see his new web pictures and join this and that friends list, talk about despo

Sing it now.... LOst Boys soundtrack...."People are strange"

madbrisrooter 46M

8/14/2006 4:16 am

Personally I tend to offer an msn or hotmail, and to a few i offer one of about 3 home emails if i want to establish contact with them to talk further - I do this mainly as I'm not a paying member to this or any other site, nor ever will be as I don't consider them worth the money in large part, perhaps that'll change in the future.
I agree that things are not as secure as you may believe, and I for one don't have a face pic on any site.
but then I guess, how do you establish if you're interested in someone without having some form of communication? Q and A via email above all else on these sites seems the most logical, at least to me. If they continue to bother you (and yes I understand you can never tell who 'they' might be) block, ignore, delete or whatever you have to do to stop receiving the emails. Thus the hotmail or yahoo account. Just divert it to junk
Hope that makes sense.


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8/14/2006 4:36 am

You`re right hunni, it`s not worth paying on the sites. There`s been a lot of discussion on these blogs about it, besides being able to see the pics larger, if a lady is active she can initiate email on here.

I`ve tried in past over the year to do the email thing without a face pic via email on here. It doesn`t work, I thought I was too fussy for my own good But I just found it was better for me visually if I`m attracted otherwise I just waste my time and theirs talking too in depth about things that don`t need to be.

Years ago it didn`t need to be so much talking in depth, bloody hell just an active screw with some verbal can get just what most want....gotta chuff, Peace, love and spanks my arse

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