Hmmmmmm, insert something clever here......  

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6/29/2006 2:49 am
Hmmmmmm, insert something clever here......

Here is part of an email I received today. I`m sharing this as it gave us quite a giggle and isn`t it always good to share happiness and laughter? Am I being potentially cruel, nasty, wicked,..... maybe, but you don`t HAVE to read it...

"You will wet yourself beacause wet is it's own reward... You are obviously a woman in control of her existance and bold enough to pursue her desire. I recognise your power... and power commands respect. Oh, and I will smear you all over in cocoa butter, tantalise you with my tounge before hungrily devouring you
like a dirty, starved animal...."

Don`t mind the red, that`s spelling mistakes...I just recall reading a blog where she said the emails were like grading papers...I always wanted to do that

Not really sure why I`m going to get incontinence and it has its own rewards, I never listed that as a fetish Just trying to sound arty and clever and oh I like the after thought of the cocoa butter..oh dear. Seems I only exist, I`m not really living.

Oh and anyone know that episode where Homer changes his name to Max Power..guess I should go change mine to Maxine Power. Where do people get this stuff?

Yeah, okay, that was more odd than anything now I look at it. Maybe even some kind of trashed marketing bull for a aftershave???

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