And The Motherboard Connects To The....  

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7/22/2006 2:42 pm

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And The Motherboard Connects To The....

On the topic of viruses and computers, it made me think the many occasions I have heard people comment to me that their computer got a virus or there was a problem and it was in the shop for the last two weeks.

TWO WEEKS!!! What the heck were they doing to it?? Importing the latest Christian Dior velvet paisley design hard drive wallpaper and matching monitor warmer for it from a little hidden away niche in the prehistoric age of Watuzzi tribe made by hand!!?

Please don`t tell me you keep going back to these nongheads What did you do to your poor hard drive to make it take that long or is it just bad service or even a care factor?

I can understand if you live in a tiny out of the way town, but a major city, well they are all beating each others heads in for business, it`s almost like the influx of franchises these days.

In the years I have had my computer, not once has it ever taken more than that day and I didn`t overpay. If you`re getting that kind of crap service, it`s time to go elsewhere.

Just another little piece of life that makes me wonder..fleetingly anyway

rm_Snoopy29m 41M
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8/5/2006 4:28 am

Computer Repairs is a funny thing

Lots of users dont relise the hassle of warranty replacment (RA)

Most computer shops have to send the item to their supplier,
then they sent it to the manfactor hq in australia
then they send it to the manfactor hq in asia/oveseas
then it gets look at
send back to the 3 trips again
Meanwhile 2 to 3 weeks go by , more if youre not in a captial city

Shops like Gamedude , CA and what not becuase of bitching customers might have stock to replace straight away , depending on how old the item is .

Now if the computer is infected with spyware or bad nastys it should nt take more then a day to fix . If its more then half a week , get the pc back , take it elese were

Heck Ill fix a females computer for a bit some ecchiness time !!!

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8/5/2006 3:12 pm

Ur right there, in a handful of years I`ve had two computers both built for me (last one this week) and never took more than a day to get them built either. Both places bent over backwards with service to ensure it worked and we were happy, great price. The last guy even transferred all our data from our old hard drive to the new one no extra charge!

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