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2/28/2006 8:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

in public

there is something very erotic about sex in public and being watched by others. it is something both of us enjoy very much. our first time together while being watched was a memorable night.

after going out one night, we went back to her dorm for a little fun. while we were kissing and licking each other, we could hear people outside the door listening to us. i decided to give them a little show and opened the door so they could watch.

it was a friday night so there wasnt that many girls in the dorm that night but there was enough watching us. a few of the girls had to leave to go play with themselves. it was nice knowing those girls were getting off watching us.

we would like to know if anybody who reads our blog has jerked off while reading it or looking at our pictures.

MMDeveloper 36M
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2/28/2006 8:56 pm

hmm... well text alone doesn't get me excited enough to where I feel a need to be pleased. I'm also a non-paying member so I can't view your pictures..

I sit here asking myself "I don't meet either requirement, why am I posting this again?"

tonguerocka69 41M
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3/1/2006 2:05 am

Yeah being a standard blows. But the one pic I see is very "jerkable." Would have been a lot better with complete in depth, and detail story of one of you 2's sex sesssions. I made a post some days back about best sex stories ever, and told one of my fav. I wanted to hear some other people's stories but apparently people up here in Illinois are too shy I guess. LOL. Just want to view.

Anyways, I got a couple quick ones for ya sense you mentioned the sex in public. Yeah it's erotic to do so. A very big turn on. Just the reckless abandon that people have of not caring who sees makes the sex that much better.

Me and the ex had just left a party from one of my friend's appartments down the road from the college I went too. This is a 2 level appartment complex with 3 buildings in an upside down U position around the parking lot. It was a warm beautiful North Carolina night. My friend's place is on ground level and at the end of the building, and our car is 4 steps from his front door. When we walked out she was in one of her very horny moods and took the keys from me, opened the front door then the back and got into the back seat! This was a little weird cause I knew what she wanted, but this was too public. Parties were still going on and spilling out into the parking lot being a nice night, and worse, even though the place was mostly college kids, it was not on campus and families lived there too. But I'm also not one to argue with a horny girl I got in the backseat, and she wanted me to just sit there. She took her shirt off, undid my pants, pulled out my cock and went to town on it for a few. Then seeing I was more than ready just hopped on and bounced on it to her heart's content. So we're not even laying down, we're sitting up in plain view and shes staring out the back at everyone im staring at the building in front of me just waiting for either my friend or someone else to walk out. Sure 'nough, girl walks out top floor walks down stairs, and right by are car glancing a couple times probably makin sure she's seeing what she's seeing. Shortly after that I came, we chirped out. And the next day I had to answer to another buddy of mine who lived in the building across the way when he asked "dude, was that you fucking Vicki in the back seat of your car last night?" Ummm...yeah

Yeah so if you girls got and want to do that cyber chat thing, give me a buzz.

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