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10/28/2005 1:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

here I am

Here I am it's 4:00 a.m. and I'm just sitting here thinking why I even on this site. Yea I thinks it's great chatting with everyone, but come on I want to meet up with her, them. Certain ones any ways.They seem so interesting and intregin.Makes my mind wonder.What a
Even if it's just in friendship then again who's on this site looking for a friend right.It would be so nice I think, but my husband see's things differently, so one sided, But we are suppose to be in this together. He's in it for the single women, and so am I.But I also am interested in the couples just as much and That is where we differ.So I continue to talk with him and keep our communication open, I think it's very important that as I see and meet his wants he does the same.

ME_Bicouple 45M/40F
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10/30/2005 7:55 pm

I think your thoughts are true but people are on here looking for friends, because the true way to enjoy the experience of another couple is to have a good friendship base and tehn add to it from there. You have the inner beauty of a true freind and the outer beauty of a wonderful adventure. The communication you reach for expands by the soul the the person and must be true from beginning to end. A difference of opinion can be a strength in a relationship. without 2 opposing sides the spark of life can not be struck. I hope to read more that i feel an urge to write too.

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