Another day in paradise (i wish)  

wet_pussy4ever 44F
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9/5/2006 3:34 am
Another day in paradise (i wish)

IT's Tuesday.. another start of a long week work till it's mon wer it's my off day. I dreaded waking up tis morning I was still tired & sleepy frm my weekend rendevous.I onli had like 7 hrs of sleep on both nites.. so, definately i was still feeling sleepy & was rolling on my bed when it was time to get up I told myself.. oh!! i'd take another 10 mins b4 i get up.. When i woke up... boy!! was i shocked it was 9.15am. Usually i'd b ready by than having my drink while waiting for my dad to sent me to work. Well, i guess not tis morning. I took a quick shower & got ready to work.. My dad was alrdy d/stairs waiting for me..hehehe

When i reach work.. I tot tat it would b another slow day for me as it's d begining of d week. Boy!!! was i wrong again. I was extremely bz.. No time to rest.. Only had my lunch at about 3. Wit customers coming in every now & than. I was pooped when it came to evening. Now i m munching on sum nuts

Another 2 hours & i m off work.. Well, thank gawd i dun have y appointments or dates after this.. Time for me to go home & rest Have a gud shower & relax in front of d tv or pc...

There goes another day... At least i wasn't sleepy at



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