The day my life changed and wendy started to grow!  

wendypink 59T
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8/31/2006 1:06 am
The day my life changed and wendy started to grow!

I've been into crossdressing since i was about 10yre old some37yrs ago now and up till 3yrs ago it had remained a closely garded secret! I tried to be open with a couple of girlfriends i fell in love with only to have my dreams shattered and my heart broken and on both occations i found myself retreating more and more into my closet hideing from my own shame at exsposing my kinky little secret and thinking that others were laughing at me and talking about me behind my back, so for about 34yrs iv denied to myself that yes i felt more female than male and i felt a better person when dressed in frilly panties and bras and skirtsand dresses!then one day i meet what i thought was the right woman to share my secret with i was open with her from day one and she seemed ok with it! we talked about it and she seemed to understand how i feltand she told me she was happy for me to dress-up at home, Wow my dreams were coming true at last and all was well and soon we married and to make it spechal she brought me a pair of silky frilly pink panties to wear on are weding day!wow what a dream and i can not begin to describe how horney and sexy i felt that day! then slowly from that day on things started to go down hill and she started to say things like why do i need to dress-up now that i had her insted and then she told me that it made her fill like a lesbian and the we started to slowly grow apart da by day for 2yrs and then one day out of the blue she packed her bags "wilst i was away for a few days" she phoned me the day she was ment to pick me up and told me she was leaving me and not coming back! That was the worst day of my life my lowest ever ebb and i thought id never be able to face life without her and again i felt ashamed of myself and hid myself away from myself, Then i went and brought my firstttt ever computer and slowly learnt to surf the net and a whole new world had opened at my feet! and i started to see that there was so meny others out there that enjoyed my fetish and from that day i've slowly but slowly started to find my new self "wendypink

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