At least use your brain  

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7/2/2006 8:30 pm

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At least use your brain

I don't know whats worse, dumb people or spammers. I have seen profiles for 29 year olds. Either this person is so strung out on drugs that 29 looks like 64, she has aged bad, or spammers just don't give a dam.

Now I know we all know that there are fake profiles, but I think that at least put a age that looks like the picture present.
Also if you are gonna spam then try to do it consistently and in one place. Many people use more than AdultFriendFinder. So when I see an ad on her and craigslist with the same picture but different info it makes me think it is a fake.

I remember reporting a "girl" after she stood me up for happy hour because of her friend. I didn't report her as fraud until she showed up again with totally different specs but had the same picture and a different name. Hint: If you tell me to email you at a certain address then don't send me to another site (a pay site) to contact you. Also don't send me email saying I haven't heard from you when I contacted you at the email address requested.

Lets not forget about the profiles. A profile is about you and what you are looking for. If it is less than 20 words then we might have a spammer. Either that or you need to express more of what you are looking for. It's probably the former though.

Just my .02

Oh, I forgot to add. If you're gonna have a profile pic please use one that looks like it was taken from a friend or yourself. These generic looking photos that resemble websites porn make me and others overlook your ad. Sorry, its the truth.

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