Busted Flat in Baton Rouge  

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Busted Flat in Baton Rouge

Steve: Jannie and I spent the next few days recovering from our weekend orgies. We talked on the phone several times and agreed to take the week off and get together for a wild weekend all to ourselves. After a few days, I could have used a piece of ass, but agreed to hold off until the weekend. I was laying around my apartment vegging out Wednesday when the phone rang. Figuring it was Jannie, I picked it up and said, "Hello baby." "Hey there lover," said the voice on the other end which sounded a bit different from Jannie's usual voice. "Jannie?" I asked. "No, Mary," was the reply, "I just can't get you out of my mind and was wondering if there was any way you could come down here for the weekend." "What about your daughter?" I asked. "I won't tell if you don't." said Mary with a smile in her voice. I don't know what it was about Mary that got me so hot. I mean she was 20 years or so my elder but she was in great shape with those wonderful huge tits. Her waist was only an inch or two bigger than her daughter's and, if anything a better fuck; at least a far more experienced piece of ass. I couldn't resist and as long as Jannie wouldn't find out, why the fuck not? I told Mary it might be a nice weekend for a motorcycle trip and made arrangements to bike down to her house on Friday. I had no more than hung up with Mary, than Jannie rang up. "Bad news, babe," I told her thinking fast on my feet, "my asshole boss scheduled me for a business trip this weekend." "Shit!" was her reply. "If you're going to be gone this weekend, at least we can get together Thursday for some fun." "Sounds great," I agreed, "I'll come over around 8 and we can see what comes up." Far out. It was looking like I would be fucking the daughter on Thursday and the Mother all weekend long. Life was good.

Jannie: I was way bummed when Steve gave me the bad news. I was looking forward to having him all to myself for a change. Sharing was fun, but so was fucking between just the two of us. Oh well, at least we'd have Thursday. Steve arrived around 8 and we headed out to the back pourch with a blender full of margaritas. "Annie not home?" he asked. "Actually she's out with Bob tonight. The two of them have been going at it hot and heavy. They've kept me awake just about every night this week, screaming and carrying on." "Good for them," I said, "I like Bob and it'll be good to get together with them." "Oh yeah," I thought to myself, "especially this weekend." If Steve was going to leave me for the weekend Annie was damn sure gonna return the favor and share her man with me. The thought of it got me hot so I put down my drink and went over and unzipped Steve's shorts, took out his dick and started sucking him off. The week off must have been good for him as his dick sprang to life bigger and better than ever. "Mmmmmm," I said. "You give great head," he replied. "As good as my mother," I joked. He just laughed and closed his eyes and enjoyed my tongue lashing. "You're family's what, only 6 hours away," he said, "a girl really ought to get together with her family more often than two or three times a year." "Easy, horn dog," I told him, "show me a good enough time and we can go down for a visit." "I was thinking once a month would be a good thing," he said. "Shut your pie hole and get down here and eat my pussy," I replied.

Steve: Jannie dropped her jeans as we switched places and I helped her slither out of her panties. I quickly dropped my own trousers, knelt down in front of her as she spread her legs. I drove my tongue deep into her waiting pussy and began to eat her good. I'm glad she told me to shut up as I was afraid I was doing such a good job talking up a road trip that she'd decide to go this weekend. I was looking forward to another fuck fest with her and her mother, but I was jazzed by the thought of fucking her mother behind her back. To take her mind off our conversation, I gave her my best. Licking her clit, cunt, and asshole, I was getting her pretty hot. I concentrated on her clit with my tongue, gently sucking it out of its hiding place. Jannie let out a little whimper as I slowly slid one finger into her gushing pussy. She held her breath as I finger fucked her pussy while gently nibbling her clit. When I slid another finger slowly into her asshole, she squeezed my face between her legs and started cumming in great shudders. I literally raised her off the couch, driving my fingers deep into her pussy and asshole. Pussy juice was dripping all over my face as I continued sucking her clit and teasing with my tongue. Her orgasm gradually subsided and she sank back down into the couch as I gently stroked her pussy lips and clit with my tongue. I didn't let her relax for long before I was sucking her clit and fingering her pussy and she was cuming again. And again. Somehow she squirmed out of my grasp, dropped to all fours and demanded I fuck her immediately. "Pussy or ass?" I asked.

Jannie: "Pussy, if you don't mind," I replied, "it's not that I don't love being fucked in the ass, dear, but your dick is a bit too large for that kind of fucking. Quite frankly Bob's dick is more the size I like to have fuck my ass," I said aloud. "And since you're leaving me alone, you asshole, I'm gonna damn sure have Bob's dick up my ass sometime this weekend," I thought to myself. Of course once Steve slid his eleven inches into my cunt, I quickly forgot about Bob's dick in my ass and concentrated on fucking Steve's dick. It was a very, very, very nice dick and he was such a good fuck that I really didn't mind sharing him with others. I didn't want him to become bored with little old me and go searching for fresh pussy. I was going to do what it took to keep his dick coming back to my waiting pussy for as long as possible. Of course when he was out of town, a little extra-curricular activity never hurt anyone. And what Steve didn't know certainly wasn't going to hurt him. He fucked away with great skill until I was howling in ecstasy. I shoved my ass back to meet each of his thrusts, forcing his dick deep into my pussy. Urging him to fuck me harder and faster, I howled again as orgasm after orgasm came over me. Man this fucker was good. As usual, between my howling and cumming, it didn't take Steve long to get with the program. He grabbed my hips and pulled me in and out. My ass was making a cracking sound as it crashed against his hips. He was pounding the shit out of my pussy and I was loving. "Fuck me, wild man," I urged him to pound me even harder and faster and it he did. At that pace it only took him about ten minutes before he blew a load of hot, steamy cum into my waiting pussy. I was cuming like a wild dog, barking at the moon. I let him fill my cunt with jism then rolled over and sucked the last few drops from the tip of his cock. His cum always tasted great.

Steve: Jannie started to suck me back to life after our fuck, but I protested, telling her I really had to get ready for my trip tomorrow. I didn't tell her I wanted to save my cum for fucking her mother. She pouted a bit but allowed me to grab my cloths and leave after only a few minutes of sucking my cock. I returned home but didn't sleep too much as I was excited with anticipation of fucking middle aged Mary. In my dreams I alternated between fucking Mary's tits and Jannie's. I somehow didn't get much rest, fucking mother and daughter in my dreams all night long. I went into work early so I could take off early. I loaded up my BMW motorcycle and headed off around noon, putting me at Mary's about six o'clock or so. It was a good day for a ride except the miles seemed to creep by exceptionally slowly. It took me about a half hour to find Mary's house. When I finally found it I wasn't sure if I had the right place. It was a huge house on about 25 acres. I drove back a lane for what seemed like 5 minutes before arriving at her front door. I rang the bell and Mary answered the door, guess I had the right place. "I didn't know you were loaded," I said. "My former husband was," she said with a smile, "it pays to divorce well." "I guess," I agreed as she showed me around the spread. She had 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and a hot tub, swimming pool out back. "I hope you like water," she said with a grin. "Are you kidding me," I replied, "I love water sports." "Well how 'bout a little skinny dip and then we'll go out and get something to eat," she said, slipping out of her cloths without even waiting for a reply. With her huge, firm, round tits staring me in the face, I quickly shock off my cloths and joined her, "I think I'll have something to eat right here, if you don't mind," I said. Mary sat on the edge of the pool in the shallow end and I waded into the water and over to her spread legs and dripping pussy. "I thought you'd never ask," she purred, as I began to lick her wet pussy.

Mary: I had just about given up on sex before meeting Steve. I had never done anything like we did the previous weekend at Janie's. Never anything close to it. But here I was with a stud 25 years younger my junior, my daughter's boyfriend no less, giving me the best head of my life. Life is weird. Where was this stud 25 years ago. Oh yeah, he was still a toddler. I tried not to think about it and concentrated on his tongue against my clit and hands squeezing my tits. He must have been reading my mind,as he looked up at me and said, "you know, I'm going to have to fuck those nice titties of yours before the weekend is over." I could only moan softly in response as his tongue began once again sliding into and our of my pussy. No man had ever made me cum like this young stud. I only felt the slightest tinge of guilt knowing my daughter's boyfriend was going to spend the entire weekend fucking my ass off. I squeezed his face with my thighs as the thought of an entire weekend of fucking this young stud made me cum. Just what the hell had come over me. Act your age, Mary, I told myself. But Steve was nibbling my clit and sliding a couple of fingers into my cunt and tracing the rim of my asshole with another finger and all I could do was moan and cum again. I tried to slide away from Steve's tongue but he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my pussy back into his face. I was cuming about every 60 seconds now and I didn't know how much more of this I could take. But I was hoping it would go on for fucking ever. My, how this boy could eat pussy. I finally got him to stop and traded places with him. Now it was my turn to shine. I took his stiff rod slowly between my lips then slowly ran my tongue up and down his shaft. I took his balls and gently rolled them around my mouth before rimming his asshole and starting back up his shaft, stopping just below the tip to tongue his main vein where it met his helmet. He bent down to play with my tits as I took his shaft into my mouth. I don't think the boy had ever been deep throated as he caught his breath and stiffened. I didn't want the poor dear to cum so soon so I removed his dick from my mouth and started licking his shaft once again. "I didn't think it was possible for anyone to give better head than Jannie," he muttered, "but don't you ever tell you I said that." I just gave him a wink and swallowed his cock once more. I must have brought him to the brink of orgasm seven or eight times when he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or pussy. Such a gentlemen. I pulled him into the water for some off shore drilling.

Steve: I had never fucked a babe in a pool before. Mary was standing against the side, her huge tits floating on the water. I just stood back and admired her beauty for a few moments before swimming up behind her and inserting my cock into her cunt from behind. She gave a slight moan as I filled her cunt and started grinding her ass against my hips. This was nice. I was half floating half standing on the bottom while slowly thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. We fucked like that for 5 or 10 minutes when she gave me a wink and pushed away from the side and started slowly doing the breast stroke. It was all I could do to maintain my pussy stroke as I swam to keep up with her. She turned around and floated on her back and we drifted toward the shallow end. I was able to stand on the bottom of the pool as she floated on her back and get some great leverage for fucking. I was able to bend down and take her nipples between my teeth and gently chew on one nip while gently twisting the other between my fingers. The bitch was really starting to moan and telling me to fuck her harder. Good thing she didn't have neighbors. The more she cried to be fucked, the harder I tried. Water was everywhere. I was having a hard time getting enough leverage so she crawled our of the water and waited on all fours for me to do the same and mount her from behind. Mother and daughter and I all shared the same favorite position and so I started fucking the shit our of the whore-bitch. "Fuck me harder, you fucking mother fucker," she cried. "I'll fuck you like the 2 dollar whore you are, bitch," I rejoined, picking up my pace and slapping her ass with a good spanking. I thought she was barking like a dog, but she was saying, "ruff! I like it ruff!" I'll show you rough," I said driving my cock home faster and faster. I grabbed her by the tits and pulled her back against my chest as she started howling like a dog and shot her my load as she squeezed my shaft with her pussy walls. "Nice fuck," I told her. "The first of many to cum this weekend, if I'm lucky," she replied with a school girl smile. "Oh yeah," I assured her, "you're going to get more luck this weekend than you've ever had." "Oh dear," she feigned fear, "I hope I live to tell my grandchildren about it." "I don't know about that, just don't tell your daughter about it and I'll be happy." She laughed at that and led me back into the house to clean up for dinner. She came walking down the stairs in a skin tight strapless leather dress. I couldn't tell whether her massive tits were holding the top up or struggling to spill out the top. The effect was, as usual, mind blowing. "Do you want to take my Viper, Land Rover, or your motor scooter?" she asked. "I'm in the wrong line of work," I replied, "do you think you can ride my bike in that git up?" I asked. She turned to the side to show me the dress was slit up to her waist. "Nice panties," I said with a grin, "crotchless?" "You'll find out, let's ride!" she said as she led me out the front door. I fired up the Beemer and helped her mount me from behind (in a strange twist of fate). Despite the slit, the dress was so tight that it took some situating to get her seated. She was basically naked from the waist down. "Try to keep us from getting arrested," I told her as we took off.

Mary: I had never been on a bike before. The dress was a bit of a bitch, but the bulge it raised in Steve's pants made it worthwhile. We rode into the night, the warm, then suddenly cool air blowing through my hair. The answer was, indeed, blowing in the wind. "This is nice," I shouted into Steve's ear. "Total freedom," Steve agreed. "Your ex must have been loaded, do you mind if I ask what happened?" he asked. "The girl's daddy is a high priced lawyer," I told him. "When he turned 40 he felt the need to start fucking his 20 year old intern. I got a better lawyer and fucked he and his honey." "I hope she was a good fuck," he said with a smile in his voice. "Of course now that I've banged a younger man, I can understand the attraction," I told him as I squeezed him around the waist and rubbed my tits against his back. The hum of the motor was starting rev up my motor, a full moon was rising, and life was fucking good. I led Steve the long way around to the restaurant. At one point I took my top down, raised his jacket and rubbed my naked tits against his back. Between the air blowing my hair, my tits getting a rub down, and the hum of the engine, I felt myself starting to cum. I held on even tighter as I started to shake with orgasm after orgasm. "Hold on tight, babe," Steve hollered back, sensing me doing the wild thing behind him. "Pussy juice won't hurt your seat," I asked him and he just patted me on the thigh, of course making me cum again. Hell, the wind changing temperature was enough to cause me to cum or the sight of the moon passing out from behind a cloud. What a fucking ride. I kept giving him vague directions until I feared I was going to pass out and fall off the back of his bike. I pointed him in the right direction and we eased into the parking lot. "I hope you didn't mind the long way," I asked sheepishly as I put my tits away, climbed off his bike and adjusted my dress. "Are you fucking kidding me?" he grinned, "we'll take the long way home too! I love it when a chick goes wild on my bike." I did more drinking that eating at dinner, but made sure Steve had a big enough meal to get his strength back. He mentioned he didn't like to drink that much while biking; a safety thing. So I drank for both of us, the only thing I could think about was the ride home and the fucking that lay before us that night.

Jannie: My mother had told me she was inviting Steve down for the weekend. I didn't mind sharing the stud with her, but it kinda pissed me off he thought he was going to get away with something. I let the asshole go home early Thursday night, knowing full well that my mother was going to fuck him within an inch of his life that weekend. Well, two can play that game. I told Annie she could fuck Bob later (and me too, for that matter) but we were going out to the male review Friday for a whore's night out. We whored up the best we could, I wore my cut off top with tits flying in the wind and Annie wore a silk tube top that was in continual danger of falling down and showing her titties to the world. Short skirts and no panties completed our get up. It was pretty easy to dress like a whore and so much fun. We covered our faces in make up and headed to the strip club; the male strip club. Strip clubs were not just for guys any more! The guys were hot and I told Annie she was driving as I was planning on getting shit faced. It was fun watching the other chicks throwing pissed off looks our way as the guys were giving us all the attention. Bitches. The two of us were cramming fists full of daddy's twenties down the stud's g-strings with our teeth. We had attracted a crowd of about a dozen g-string clad studs. Yum. I had heard most male strippers were gay, but the guys we were stuffing had rock hard dicks, rock hard shoulders, and six pack pecks you could bounce off of all night long. Annie was initially worked up about missing Bob, but once she had six of seven rock hard cocks rubbing up and down her body, she soon forgot about good old Bob; Bob who? There were rules against touching their cocks, but one of the studs invited us back stage to hang out between shows. Once back stage, all rules were off. Oh my. I was so drunk that I hesitated not a nanosecond, Annie, being more sober, took all of two seconds to jump up and follow us back stage. The studs told us they only had an hour and a half between shows so if we wanted to "party", we needed to get right down to it. "Party my ass!" I slurred, "I want to fuck! I'll fuck as many of you candy assed studs as can get it up!" Going through the dressing room door, I stopped short and caught my breath. Standing around the room were 10 or 12 massively built studs in various stages of undress. No fucking problem, "get in line, guys," I shouted out, "I can take five at a time." Annie's eyes got real big, but without saying a word she pulled down her top and dropped her skirt. I almost forgot and soon joined her in getting naked. I grabbed the first stud I saw, sat him down in a chair and told him to grease up his cock and slide it up my ass. I mounted his dick and it felt great going up my asshole. There was already a stud waiting to fill my cunt and I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his cock into my waiting pussy. They began to slowly fuck my ass and pussy, building up a nice slow rhythm. There was a dick being shoved into my mouth and I swallowed it down and grabbed a waiting cock in each hand. I looked over and noticed Amy taking dicks up her ass and cunt and mouth but didn't have time to notice as there were one or two dicks waiting to be sucked and fucked. I did my very best to give each cock several minutes of sucking and/or hand fucking. I was cuming like the whore I was.

After several minutes I switched out the studs fucking my ass and cunt. "There's enough pussy and ass to go around, boys," I told them, "but I'd like all of you to hold your cum, I want you to cover me with cum so just hold your loads! I rotated studs asking the two new boy to see if they couldn't manage to double fuck my pussy. "No problem, mam," they said and my cunt was soon filled with two block busting, hard bodied cocks. I started cuming and cuming. I had completely forgotten about Steve and why we were back stage fucking these studs. Annie was crying out in orgasm seemed to be having a good time as well. "Tear 'em up, girlfriend," I cried out before taking another rock hard rod into my mouth. There was so much fucking and sucking that I completely lost track of both time and number of times I'd cum. Eventually one of them noted that their next show was approaching and I'd have to finish them off so they could clean up and get ready. "Gather 'round boys," I said, "cover me with cum." "Do you mind, Annie?" I asked. "Just let me keep two or three for myself," she replied. So eight or nine studs gathered over me and started shooting hot jism all over my face, tits, and cunt. "Let 'er rip," I urged them, licking the spurting cum from my face and rubbing it into my tits and cunt, "mama needs your cum!" And cum they did. As did I. My body was shuddering in orgasm on top of orgasm as the studs blew their loads over my shaking body. The cum I wasn't able to swallow was dripping from my hair, eyes and chin. After depositing what seemed like a gallon of cum they stopped. Annie and I got up, toweled ourselves off got dressed, thanked the boys for a job well done, and left. On the drive home I asked if she was exhausted from that fuck fest. "Are you fucking kidding me," she grinned, "I called Bob while you were wiping off your cum. He's gonna meet us at our house." "Is it any wonder you're my best friend," I said with a wink, looking forward to taking a Robbie ride for a nightcap.

Steve: I couldn't imagine it possible, but Mary was even more charged up on the ride home. She was alternating between squeezing my hips and grinding her pussy against my ass and rubbing her tits against my back, holding on for dear life the entire time as she seemed to be in a continual state of orgasm. This chick must not have been lying when she said the week before she hadn't been laid in years. I had figured she was joking, but the way she was getting off, you'd have thought she just got off a desert island or something. The night was nice and warm so I had stowed my jacked in the saddle bag so we could more easily rub her tits against my back. We took an even longer way back to her spread than we'd gone on the way out. At one point she took me down a deserted one lane road. "Pull over right here for a second, can you," she asked, "I have to use that bush." "No problem," I said rolling to a stop, "it's a nice night for peeing under the stars, I have to use the little boy's bush over on this side of the road." I did and she did and I was leaning against the bike when she came around the bush. She was carrying her dress in one hand and her panties in the other, her mighty tits were glowing in the light of the full moon. She noticed me watching her and did a little dance for me. With the moon going behind and out of clouds gave her act almost a strobe effect as she fingered her pussy and shook her beautiful melons. "Can you stow these for me," she asked, handing me her cloths, "it's only a mile or two of back road to my place and I wanna ride naked." As I turned to put her stuff in the saddle bag, she reached around and unzipped my pants. She grabbed my dick and pulled it out of my pants as I turned. "You don't mind if I suck your dick under the stars, do you?" she asked. "Be my fucking guest," I mumbled as she took my stiff dick into her mouth. She proceeded to suck me off in the way only she could. I wish she could teach her daughter how to suck cock like she did. Oh well, variety is the spice of life. After 15 or 20 minutes of righteous sucking, I told her to mount up and lets ride. By that time I was naked as well. I'd never done this before, but as long as it was only a mile or two and we went slow, we should be all right. She mounted the bike and immediately reached around and grabbed my dick with both hands. "Oh my," she exclaimed, "this is much easier to hold on to." "Careful how hard you pump me, babe," I rejoined, "you don't want me to cum and run us into a tree or anything." She was so busy bumping and grinding and rubbing her tits up and down my spine and cuming that I don't think she heard. Luckily we made it home without hitting anything of consequence. I must say, naked biking is something of a thrill.

Mary: I didn't think we were going to make it home without at least one pit stop. Blowing Steve under the stars was a real treat and finishing the ride naked was even better. When we got to my place and he parked the bike & pulled it up on it's center stand, I asked him if it was possible to fuck a babe on his machine. "Hop on in front of me," he said with a wink as he slid back to give me room. "I see you've gotten the seat all lubed up with pussy juice," he said, "that ought to make it easier to fuck. Now lean forward across the gas tank and raise your pussy into the air." "Can you fuck me in the ass?" I asked shyly. "Shit yeah," he exclaimed, slowly sliding his dick into my throbbing ass, "that should be easy. How's that?" "Nice," I purred, "oh yeah, mama like. Fuck me in the ass under the moon and stars." "Your daughter says I'm too big to fuck her in the ass," he told me as he slowly started pumping my ass with 11 inches of man cock. "She's just a kid," I told him, "she lacks my experience." With that he reached around and grabbed my tits and started picking up his fucking rhythm. I was grinding up and down his bike urging him to fuck my ass harder. "Don't hold back, lover," I told him, "mama can take it. Fuck my ass but good." I started to whimper as he started pounding my ass. I'd never ridden a motorcycle before, let alone fucked on one. This was fucking excellent. My whimpers led to moans which led to screams which led to both of us reaching the verge of orgasm in very short order. The poor dear had been holding back all night while I'd been cuming on the back of his machine. "I have a special delivery of hot cum with your name on it," he shouted. "I'd rather have it in my cunt," I told him. As he pulled out of my asshole, I raised my hips a bit giving him a big target to hit. And his big dick hit the target with wonderful effect. "Oh my," I exclaimed, "really pound the shit out of my pussy, monkey boy! Fuck me harder than I've ever been fucked before." He raised up and started pounding my pussy like a pile driver. "Like this?" he asked. "Harder, faster," I urged. "Fuck me," he replied. Our cries of "fuck me" degenerated into guttural cries of pleasure as he shot me a hot, steaming load of cum. My pussy was throbbing in orgasm, squeezing every last drop possible from Steve who seemed as if would never stop cuming. He filled me up and I could feel the cum squirting from my pussy and still he kept cuming. "You're a fucking animal," I told him as he finally stopped squirting man juice. "That was one of the best fucks of my life," he told me as he took me in his arms for a long, sloppy kiss, "I love fucking under the stars." "Me too," I told him, "me too."

Steve: What a fucking fuck! I didn't know I had that much cum in me. I just kept squirting and squirting. Wow. We embraced for several minutes, but the bike was kind of awkward so we dismounted and she led me to the back yard. The underwater pool lights were casting a glow and she suggested a swim to cool off. We splashed into the water and paddled around the pool. Her giant tits glowing in the pool lights had a magical effect of making me hard once again. So I swam up behind her and slid my dick into her cunt. "So soon?" she asked, moaning softly as I slid it in. "You're having a strange effect on me. I just want to fuck you over and over and over again," I replied. "No problem with me, super boy," she told me, "fuck me all day and all night long and I'll be happy." We fucked for several minutes in the pool when she suggested we might get better traction on one of the lounge chairs on the pool deck and climbed out of the water. Drops of water glistened as they dropped off her tits and pussy lips and ass. What a fucking sight! She started running across the lawn, "if you can catch me you can fuck me," she said with a laugh. Her massive tits bouncing up and down and her fluid motion gave me pause as I watched her run for several moments. She slowed to a fast walk, "OK," she said with a pout, "now you're just not trying." "I was enjoying the view," I said jogging over to where she had stopped. I slid my throbbing cock into her pussy standing behind her, reaching around to finger her clit while we fucked. This had the same effect it always had on her and she started to shudder in orgasm. I held on to her tits with one hand and fingered her clit with the other until she returned to reality. "Let's fuck doggie," she said, dropping to the ground. She didn't have to ask twice as I mounted her from behind and started pumping. We fucked that way for quite the long time until she started crawling forward forcing me to almost rider her ass to stay up with her. "Stay still, bitch," I exclaimed. "Can't you keep up?" she replied with a laugh and we fucked our way all over the back yard. Finally she stopped and started howling at the moon as great waves of spasms came over her body. This of course caused me to lose my load deep into her cunt. It wasn't as big a load as earlier, but respectable, never the less. We cuddled in the middle of the back yard under the stars until the grass got itchy and so we hopped into the pool to rinse off. "I'm fucking beat," I told her as we held on to the edge of the pool and kicked our legs in the water. "We can turn in," she agreed, leading me into the house, up the back stairs and into her bedroom. We crashed into bed and I fell to sleep almost immediately. It could have been several minutes later or several hours later I woke up to the sensation of someone sucking my cock. I looked down to see Mary humming my dick, "one more shot?" she asked in a soft, sweet, little girl voice. How the fuck could I resist so I rolled her on her back and climbed on for a good night fuck. I was so fucked out that it must have taken an hour to polish her off, finally shooting a rather weak load and rolling off her pussy, hoping that kept the bitch satisfied for the night.

Janie: We made it home ahead of Bob and each took a quick shower. We were sitting in the living room naked when Bob let himself in. "Have you guys been sitting here naked doing nothing all night?" he asked. "Yes," Annie responded, "we've just been sitting around chatting like good little girls. Now we'd like to be bad girls if you're game." Bob just smiled and dropped his shorts, "I kinda figured that," he said pulling out his hard dick. The stud didn't even have any undershorts on, "I've been horny all night waiting for my chick to call," he said as we both kneelled in front of him and began sucking his cock. We shared it for a while before beginning to fight over who was gonna suck him off. "Easy there, gals," he said, "there's enough to go around." "Is there enough to fuck me in the ass?" I asked him with a wink, "while you eat Annie's snatch?" "Climb on board the Bobbie train," he said, lying in the middle of the living room floor, his dick straight up in the air, waiting to be mounted. I lubed him up and gently slid his 8 inch cock up the crack of my ass while Annie squatted over his face, dripping pussy juice. I moaned as he filled my ass and gently started pumping as I rode his rod. "You're dick is just right for my ass," I told him. A mouthful of Annie pussy prevented him from answering, but he nodded his head; or was he trying to tongue Annie's asshole and it just appeared to be nodding. Who the fuck cared? I was moaning and Annie was moaning. I loved fondling her little tits. They weren't much bigger than a man's tits, but boy were they sensitive. My tits were far bigger, but sometimes I wished I could get a tit orgasm as easy as Annie, who was doing so at the time as I nibbled her nips while her boyfriend sucked her clit. She returned the favor, but my orgasm was being generated by Bob's dick sliding slowly into and out of my asshole. "OK, Bob," I muttered, "let's crank it up a bit," as I started riding his dick a little harder, a little higher, a little faster. He just kept fucking my ass & eating Annie's snatch. "Atta boy," I told him, hoping my asshole was pleasing his dick as much as his dick was pleasing my asshole. I could tell my Annie's spasms that she was getting off on Bob's tongue lashing. Her orgasm led to my orgasm & my ass cheeks squeezed Bob's dick. He just kept pumping my ass and sucking Ann's clit. What a nice fellow. Annie and I had both cum several times when she asked if we could switch. "Fine with me," I told her. "You want it up the ass, dear?" Bob asked. "Let's go with the pussy tonight, hon," she replied, sliding her pussy down over his waiting member. I squatted over his face and he hardly missed a beat, switching from my ass to Annie's cunt, from Annie's pussy to my pussy. Yes, we silently agreed, this stud was a keeper. Bob fucked the two of us for quite some time before I told Annie I was turning in and she could have him to herself. "Would you mind rolling over on top of one another first, so I can fuck both your pussy's for a few minutes?" Bob asked. Well who was I to turn down that kind of action. I rolled over on my back and Annie lay down on top of me. Bob started fucking us both, one after another. Annie and I loved fucking like this ever since the first time we'd met Steve. Reading our minds, Bob asked, "am I as good as Steve at fucking the both of you?" "Oh yeah!" we both answered in unison. And he was. He maneuvered his dick between our two cunts with great skill. Steve and Bob were different, each having things they were better at. Annie and I had talked and that's what she and I liked about the two of them. Playing with and chewing each other's tits, Annie and I came several more times before Bob pulled out, had Annie lie down beside me and shot a load over our faces. What a gentleman. I enjoyed sharing his cum with my best friend and we both helped lick his shaft clean. Then I did go to bed.

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