Upstairs Downstairs or as it was called a Butlers & Maids sex-party  

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6/5/2006 1:39 am

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Upstairs Downstairs or as it was called a Butlers & Maids sex-party

The party was a dinner event with a Butlers & Maids theme. The men dressed in tails and black tie, like a Butler (white tie guests in an Upstarts Downs stairs situation) we ladies in Maids outfits. My partner & I were new, the other four couples knew eachther from previous parties, so I agreed in advance to be subjected to advanced foundlings on arival: a way of verifying our 'credentials' we couldn’t be from the News of the World.

My partner looked fabulous in Tails (ordinarily he’d wear White Tie) I quite fancied him as we arrived at the Country House, so I knew others would too.
I wore a ridiculously short maid’s outfit flared out from my waist, if it did cover my bum it was only by an inch at most. The neckline was cut square and low, I wore a push-up bra. I didn’t wear a thong underneath the skirt and at all times I'm fully shaven, pubes waxed at a salon for this event so it was shiny clear of hair, if I bent even a little I’d be showing pleanty.

There was an electric-moment after being handed my 1st glass of Champaign, as the hostess reminded me that I'd agreed to be intimately fondled. I replied, "yes of course.” No one rushed like idiots to thrust a hand under my maid’s uniform but the moment was exquisite. I waited until I thought the moment was right then bent over placing a glass on a low coffee table. I knew my flared skirt would ride up. On cue a guy placed his hand on my back, indicating I remain in that position, another placed his hand on my bum, “may I finger you” he asked, I said of course. I bent over further as he found my vagina from behind. Soon he’d inserted firstly 1 then 2 fingers. Other Butlers did similar things as I stood up straight continued sipping Champaign.

I normally don't go into sex aspect in blogs but I will this time after reporting on my main interest, that's the dress aspects of the party.
The other ladies were also wearing maids outfits but they were more of the Anne Summers veriety, so less well made, perhaps a little longer and necklines not quite so low. Therefore I was the most obviously exhibitionistic and the guys had already fondled me in a gentle but lets face it total way. At one point I was sitting in an easy chair, skirt riding high, the host asked if I'd place my legs over each arm, I lewdly obliged.

My being 'fresh-pusy' (I realised that's the reason) all Butlers wanted sex with me. The hostess arranged for them to draw lots to decide the order. It turned out they wanted me 1 at a time. I'd be able to return to the lounge after a session with each Butler. The break between each guy was welcome, giving me chance to freshen-up after each session.

I also experienced a moment of delicious jealousy; I heard a lady making a lot of noise and put my head around a bedroom door to see my partner having sex with our hostess.

My only complaint is one or more of the Butlers sucked my nipples too hard, I'm still bruised, not just around my nipples all over my breasts. Also my bum is bruised, no one tried to spank me or inflict pain, yet I'm bruised on my bum. That bruising isn’t hurting like my breasts and I'm bruised on my pubic bone from sex that way, all had me both doggy and missionary, I imagine the bruises are from that. I've had hundreds of similar sex sessions in the past without being bruised. 4 guys having me 3 times, each session lasting about half an hour, yet 6 hours of sex in total, didn't make my vagina sore. They had me alone in various bedrooms, each went for my breasts too hard, so they're still sore.
As you can see from this photo I have a big bum, maybe when I was bending over taking it from behind I was bruised there; I've not experienced bruising on my pubic bone before. As each Butler came back for 2nd/3rd sessions, (I used a total of 22 condoms) I think they may have just bangged harder, as I orgasm so easily.

rm_actionchan69 38M
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6/13/2006 7:26 am

Wow , thats a great experience you had there! Where r u from? I'm in essex uk

rm_heythere006 37M

6/13/2006 5:54 pm

what can i say...i envy the butlers. You obviously had a splendid night, not counting he bruises! ver stimulating your stories and quite captivating from the writing style!

welcomingwendy 64M/64F

6/16/2006 2:51 am

Many thanks, the bruises have gone now but those Butlers will be cumming again and again and again.

rm_heythere006 37M

6/22/2006 5:48 pm

hehe! I reckon! You seem quite insatiable. But really, it is great fun to read your blog, you have an amazing way of not only telling saucy details, but also deliver these things with a underlying, kind of brooding humour. Very dry, very nice. Feels like you have some experience in writing, right?

all the Best

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