My man's other women  

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4/24/2006 3:02 am

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My man's other women

When we met my lover gave up most of his other girlfriends all that is but one group of ladies who service him as a trio, these 3 services him about once a month all together and it’s a bit special. I didn’t ask him to give any of the others up, he did that because he wanted to be in a special relationship with me, he didn’t ask me to reciprocate by giving up any of the studs who service me. The group of 3, as he calls them, love having sex with one guy at the same time, they get a sort of comfort by not doing it alone, they only have sex with their respective husbands in addition to this. This group of 3 have actually become close friends with me also but to-date they’ve not invited me to make up a 4th with my own lover as they feel I'm too close to him and when they’re servicing him I would take precedence, none of those feels favoured by my lover when he’s having sex with them.

They and he have been meeting monthly for about 7 years, the ladies have been of child bearing age over that time and never used condoms, I’m relieved that no pregnancies have occurred. He feels he can’t break confidentiality by telling me exactly what they do. They've told me they do extremely naughty things sexually with him that they refuse to do with their husbands, that David has never ever requested extreme sex acts, it’s always been they, the ladies. For several years only one of them wanted annul-sex and the others just watched as David gave it to her up there. Now I understand they all insist on it every session and this must form part of their family planning.

They’re a close group I suppose; as they share David body fluids as well as each others they would be. I won't undertake S&M or pain but they happily admit that they’ve all been be bound, subjected to heavy spankings by various friends of David’s. Although he will not spank or even tie ladies up he's happy if other men do and so over the years these 3 ladies have done extremes in sexual activities. But I’m assured (by the one who will tell me bits) that no other guys but David has ever penetrated them, only tying/spanking/creaming or similar light pain/humiliation from other guys.

The one, who will tell me a little, says they all have massive orgasms, they’re turned on by their friends doing what they themselves do and it sort of validates it. They wanted some photos taken, David took some really innocent ones, showing them in underwear, not exactly raunchy by my standards but it was by theirs, they'll not pose pictures showing more than that.
Its interesting differences: I won't tolerate any S&M or pain but will pose for open leg and even hard core porn when guys are actually fucking me but they won’t. By the same token they accept spankings and other humiliations I feel go too far. One woman’s plesure is anothers nightmare.

With the exception of annul-sex the group of 3 and I don’t repeat our extremes. As I said I’ll not accept an S&M or domineering practices. I do go with many couples who together with their studs use me on a frequent basis. I do other sexy things provided couples do the organising, as I’ll not deal with single men directly, no matter what they say and like fools they do repeat the same failed approaches.
I love meeting new people under the aegis of couples, I take the view that if a guy has been servicing the wife of a couple for some time and that couple are sufficiently happy with him to effect the introduction to me/organise meetings (without ever letting that single guy have my phone number) then he must be ok. On the other hand guys who have not yet built alliances with other couples could be too high-risk for me and certainly they would pester to meet when they want to and not when I want it.

However what I do shocks the group of 3 they can’t believe I have sex with so many men even thought I am protected and shielded form hassle by the couples. They think I'm mad, the way I think they are for letting guys bind and gag them, then ejaculate over their faces, breasts or whatever, whilst my partner is having sex with them. They happily let my partner (as I do) penetrate them annully but think I’m mad to let other guys do the same to me.

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4/30/2006 5:19 am

What a fantastic lady, open to explore your desires and pleasures. It's a shame that so many single men on this site and in general, spoil the oportunity to enjoy a sexy lady like yourself, by being too pushy and upfront about their own needs rather than a giving you what you need. Some fantistic pictures there, would hope one day you chnage your mind and let some of the genuine guys on here at the opportunity of spending some time with you playing a few mutual games

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