one eventful evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

weebledweeb 47M
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4/5/2006 7:50 am
one eventful evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last monday a girlfriend of mine called and was in a bitter situation. she sounded like she needed a little fun get away. so, me being as caring as i am ran over to her house, told her husband that i could take his wife over to a friends house to use the internet and try to resolve the problem she was in.
well, we went to a cozy little sex nest, and of course we got the internet info. we needed, then of course, i slowly started to unbutton her top and exposed those huge breasts, proceded to strip her the rest of the way and, next thing you know my clothes disappeared instantly.
the fore play lasted about 35 min. then the down right dirty fucking started, i'm not a teller of tales but the hot, passionate sex we then had lasted, and i'm not kidding almost 2 hours.
talk about a wild ride, yum, yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

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