Women & Their men  

we_luv_ladies 43M/39F
4/28/2006 11:56 pm
Women & Their men

Something for the men & ladies to answer but I would love to hear more from the men. My hubby and I have been on this site since October and has has some great experiences with other woman. My husband has recently told me about a fantasy he had with another couple. With that couple he would love to see me with another man. I need to hear reasons why men like to see their ladies being pleased by another man. And no "it turns us on" answers please! Who knows with the right answer, you may just help my hubby's fantasy to become a reality! Thanks
Is it wrong to share your women with another man?
Or could it be a HOT fantasy?

rm_uandme819 44M
14 posts
9/28/2006 8:15 pm

i really could not tell you the reason because i am not married but i think it just might be his fantasy to see you with another man but be carreful he might just be saying this to see if you would be with another guy

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