Recurrent riffs  

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5/14/2006 6:37 pm
Recurrent riffs

Every now and then I get on a kick of thinking about someone, or some experience I had. It could be due to the weather, the seasons, maybe a friend I talked to who brings the memory up... but like a song I have running through my head, it gets stuck there and plays for days... In the radio broadcasting world, that's called a recurrent, typically a popular song you heard during a certain time of year (like summer) that the stations will replay a few years later during the same season, just to make you feel good and keep listening to the rest of the crap they're going to play.

So I've had this recurrent memory of the best oral sex I've ever recieved going through my head lately. I woke up with a major stiffy remembering it in a dream this morning. It was several years ago, from a girl I was dating in the medical professions. At the time, I was taking photography classes at a local college and one of the assignments was a figure study. So I asked my date if she'd help me out by modeling, and then if she'd like to spend a quiet evening by candlelight doing the dinner and a video thing. She agreed.

A few word in description about my friend... I'll call her Lynn for the sake of the post (I change everyone's name in here, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. I don't have an identifying picture of myself either, simply because I value other's privacy like I value my own.) Lynn had shoulder length red hair, and was maybe 5 foot 6 inches tall. She kept herself in shape and was maybe 5 years older than I was. She was beautiful and probably the only woman I have ever been completely head-over-heels in love with. When she arrived for the evening, she was wearing a pair of white, somewhat loose-fitting pants that clung to curves in all the right places, and a matching white and blue top with a jacket. She flashed me a big smile as she came in the door, and quickly slipped into my arms and gave me a big kiss. "What have you got in mind, oh great photographic genius?" she asked.

"I have some plans", I answered with a smile of my own. "Pop into the living room and see if you like it."

I had spent the last few hours draping white sheets up along on side of the room, and placing several dozen candles strategically to enhance the shadows of the dropcloths. The effect made for a non-distinct background that focused in on the subject nicely. "My, my, you've been a busy boy," she said. "I figured you might be thirsty, so i brought us some really good wine to enjoy with the evening. I'll get comfortable, you go open it."

With that she started settling in, and I moved into the kitchen to uncork the wine. We sat and talked a bit, and I worked a little taking photos of her posed on the sofa, and curled up on the floor... and kissed in-between exposures... pretty much finishing the bottle in the process. I went to open another bottle of wine and when I came back, she slithered up to me on all fours, taking her glass from my hand and running her tongue past those crimson lips around the edges. I took a few more photos of her, and she looked at me with a come-hither stare and said "I'll give you something to make your lens fog up..." With that, she slowly peeled her top off and shook her hair in a slow cirlular motion, causing her breasts to roll pleasantly. After slowly turning around, she looked back at me over her shoulder and said "no? not enough to fog the lens up I see... how about this..?" She slowly unclasped the back of her bra, and slid it down her front, letting it drop to the floor in a pile with her top. Then, still looking at me over her shoulder, she began to tease her pants down slowly over her ass... showing just a bit of her cheeks... tracing down her panties as she flexed her legs and rolled her hips. Soon her pants had slipped to the floor as well, and she turned, cupping and covering her nipples with her hands, before massaging her breasts and running her hands down her body to her tiny white panties. She slipped them down just a little to show a small line of pubic hair above the fabric. "Ah.. I see the camera is fogged a little bit." she said as she slipped up to me, running her fingers slowly up the bulge in my pants. "Hmm... seems like the heat may be down here. I've seen your camera, now I want to see that lens..." She slipped my shirt over my heads, and undid my pants, dropping them to the floor. My boxers tented out and she inhaled softly as she stroked my cock through the fabric. "It's sooo hard... oh my god, it's so hard..." It was, VERY hard. I don't know if it was the wine relaxing me, or the atmosphere, or just how comfortable she made me feel, but oh my lord, my cock has never been that hard ever. She rolled my boxers down and gave a quick suck on the tip, then ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she brought me over to the sofa, slipped off her panties quickly and got on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. "I want that hard cock in my pussy RIGHT NOW!" I layed it in the slope of her ass cheeks, and slowly traced it down til it was pointed right at her wet pussy, then slowly pushed it in, setting up a rhythm. She moaned appreciatively and took control of the pace, thrusting backwards into me. She came quickly and I was still hard, so she flipped over and on top of me and rode me. I traced her nipples and the outline of her breasts with my fingers while she rocked on top of me. It wasn't long til I came, firing all over the front of her.

She went to clean up in the bathroom, and I moved into the kitchen to get us more wine. As I was pouring, I felt her hand slip around my front and grasp me. "It's getting hard again... mmm, good for me!" she breathed into my ear as she slowly stroked me. I put down the wine and lifted her up and laid her out on the kitchen table, slipping my now hard cock back into her again. It didn't take either of us long to cum, and we took our wine and went into the shower to clean off. After a half hour of soaping each other up, and caressing the bubbles away, we wrapped ourselves in towels and went back to the living room. Seeing her ass peeking out from under the towels, and tracing the small of her back down to the little dimple point where her ass began got me excited again. She looked at my growing member and said "I have been wanting to try this on you for a while. Do you trust me?" I looked at her a little confused and said "Of course".
"Then lay down on the blanket on the floor.." She slid over me, her damp hair lightly feathering over my chest as she moved first up to kiss me, then slipped back down to lightly lick and nibble a trail down my body. She got to the base of my cock and slowly licked her way up it to the very tip, then back down the other side. Slowly, then the pace increasing bit by bit.. up and down, until she reached the tip again, and started to swallow me whole, until I was all the way inside her. Then she slowly slipped me out again and did it all over. As she was doing this, she ran her figers over my balls, and slowly traced one finger down til it was teasing outside of my anus. Then she started to sip it in, while telling me to relax and enjoy the sensation as she worked on my cock. She had worked her finger all the way in, and began to stroke my prostate, while she sucked me into her mouth, and her lightly scented damp hair traced circles on my abs and inner thighs. Oh my god, the feeling started to well up and build to a climax I have never known. My cock was throbbing in anticipation of release and she timed it just right, swallowing me just as I exhaled "I'm cumming!! Oh GOD I'm CUMMING!!!" I shot down her throat over and over again as she swallowed it all, stroking my prostate all the while.

When I was well and truly spent, she slipped into my arms and snuggled up to me in the blanket. "That was brilliant!" I exclaimed in a rush. "Oh dear lord, what WAS that???" And then she told me about the whole prostrate thing, and we kissed and snuggled and fell asleep in each others arms and oh GEEZ, I do miss her.... Shame she moved away a long time ago to follow her career.

So, if I seem distracted lately and have a stupid smile on my face, most likely, I'm remembering that. Have a good day!

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