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First Kiss

The first kiss is a complex experience. While it is an experience that I absolutely look forward to (and if enjoyable I absolutely savor) it is also an experience that leaves me a little wistful. There will never ever be another one.

I have heard people say that when they kiss their partner it is still like the first kiss. I can only assume this to mean that they still feel pangs of passion, the heady feeling that encompasses you and fills you with delight. Surely it does not mean that they are mildly uncomfortable and concerned with a multitude of first kiss concerns - is my breath okay, my mouth and lips are a little dry, does he like the way I am kissing him, does he think I am using too much tongue, oooo yikes - our teeth just clinked, I wish he would use more tongue, how long should this last? Should we stop now? No. How about now? No, not yet... oh there was a pause, we can come up for air... whoops, game on... the kissing continues! Oh yeah, kiss me there... that feels nice... (moan) oh my! did I just moan?

I have had so many lovely first kisses. Most recently one so delicious that it is all I can do to not think about kissing him. I could kiss him for hours - as it should be.

The most interesting first kiss I have ever had came as a complete surprise to me. I had a friend over (yes, we truly were JUST friends) and we were discussing movies. He told me that he heard the best pick up line EVER in a movie he had seen recently. I did not acknowledge his comment but instead continued on to discuss something related. A few minutes later he came back to revisit his comment about this outstanding pick up line. Again, I dismissed the discussion (I knew he was begging me to ask him what the pick up line was). Finally he asked me, "Are you not the least bit curious what the pick up line is?". I said, "Of course I am". He asked me if he could try it out on me and I said yes. He placed a twenty dollar bill on the table and said, "I bet you that twenty dollar bill that I can kiss you without touching you". I took his bet and he leaned in and gave me a really sweet, very sexy kiss on the lips. Because he was my friend, not a romantic interest.. and because I had no inkling that we were going to kiss that night... I did not return his kiss. When he pulled back he said, "That was the best twenty dollars I have ever spent". I smiled at him and he returned a sparkling adoring smile. Unsure how to proceed I joked that now I could say that I had kissed James Markson. He said, "Actually, you didn't kiss me... I kissed you but you did not return my kiss". Very clever I thought... and very true. He asked me if I really wanted to say that I had kissed him that I would have actually kiss him. I will let you deceide whether you think I took the bait. The entire suprise first kiss was incredible even if a bit unnerving.

So what happens if you share a first kiss and you are not thrilled with your date's kissing style? The best advice I ever recieved from an Adult Friend was this: tell your partner that you want to learn how to kiss them in a way that makes them melt. Explain that you want your partner to kiss you the way that he or she would like to be kissed by you. Establish a set amount of time that you would like to perform your kissing experiment (example 10 minutes). Have your partner kiss you for the full duration of that time in the fashion that he or she would like you to kiss them. While you are are being kissed, remain engaged but somewhat passive. Become completely aware of the things that your partner is doing to you. What are some of the differences in the way you are being kissed compared to how you normally kiss one another? What other elements have been added or removed? Is there more or less petting? Is the kiss more agressive or less? Pay very close attention to every single detail. When the time is up, turn the tables and kiss your partner the way you perceived your partner would want it. Ask for candid feedback. Do not take the feedback personally.... learn from it.

First kisses are delicious... savor the adventure.


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