How I Got Here!  

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8/30/2006 7:05 pm

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How I Got Here!

All the people I've told this story to loved it especially the men who want their wives to follow my lead. Why do I enjoy other men? Well here goes.
My hubby told me of his fantasies of me being with other men about 4 yrs ago. I thought he was completely insane if he thought even for a second that I would sleep with other men. Soon my hubby would make love to me and beg me to take a lover. When I saw how much it turned him on I began to say to him that I would, never ever intending to actually do it.
Then it happened I was sexually awakened. I had a bachelorrette party for a friend. We had invited a male entertainer, and he was drop dead gorgeous!!!!! He did 2 lap dances on me and I must say they were a little bit more than just your average lap dance. He was between my legs and grinding. WOW what a feeling to have another man between my legs. And by the way the entertainer went to high school with my friend. Yes they knew each other and he also knew the groom. Isn't that the funniest thing you ever heard?
Anyway back to why I'm here. Well after that my husband,who never misses an opportunity, said "Hey let's just make you an account, you don't have to actually do it. It would just be cool to see what kind of responses you get." So I let him make the acct.
Guess what I got 7-10 responses a day at first. It was unbelievable. Then he said "Chat with a couple you might find it fun" I did chat and it was fun, so fun that I met someone I really connected with and we had a great time while it lasted. I now chat regularly with 2 other men who I would like to be with but not sure if that will happen. What happens , happens i guess. I've had many chats with many men it has been a blast. I'm hoping I can connect with some so we can enjoy each other, only time will tell. But thats how I got here. I'm along for the ride for how ever long it lasts and having a great time while i'm at it.

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rm_Imhere583 70M
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9/5/2006 8:19 am

Sorry you got stood up. I like How I got here!

watchmehubby replies on 9/5/2006 11:41 am:
First thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. As far as the getting stood up, I'm ok with it it just made me mad that someone would do something like that. I mean you can be pretty honest on im if you didnt want to meet someone. Or it would have at least been nice to hear why he never showed but he wasn't even man enough for that. Anyway I'm glad you like how i got here. It is kind of a funny story.

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