The Assignment  

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2/21/2006 1:59 pm

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The Assignment

I once corresponded and chatted with a man I met on AdultFriendFinder who was a wonderful writer...but a terrible speller. During one instant messaging session, I noted his most common spelling mistakes. I provided him with the list and challenged him to produce a piece of erotic fiction incorporating all of the words. He challenged me to do likewise. The following is what I produced in response to his counter-challenge.

"In the darkest night, when sleep weighs heavy on my mind, this is when my dreams plunge deep into my subconscious and resurrect my deepest thoughts…thoughts born of darkness…thoughts that fear the light.

You’re there with me then, our bodies facing as we lie in the bed, your nakedness complementing mine, drawing us together into a sandwich of flesh. Limbs entwine in passion’s fury. You harden. Your hardness draws me to you. It holds me there just as gravity’s pull holds the roller coaster rider in their seat.

Excitement builds with each loop in our roller coaster ride of passion. We slide up and down ‒ in and out ‒ each time coming oh so close to losing contact and spiraling back to our individuality, but each time being held at the last instant by gravity’s pull. Anticipation builds as we climb the final, highest peak. It becomes impossible to breathe…until finally…we release…a free fall into the liquid core of our united being…hands joined…never letting go…as we plummet into the watery depths.

The sun’s first rays wake me with a fright and recent raptures recede into the darkness of my subconscious once again. I cannot recall the details of the dream and yet I know with great certainty that I am happy to have dreamed it. Perhaps it will return again when night is deep for who’s to know what we fantasize while wrapped in a blanket of darkness."

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