The clock hits 0425 and you're writing a blog on a sex site...  

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1/30/2006 1:44 am

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The clock hits 0425 and you're writing a blog on a sex site...

Yeah, having a night of insomnia yet again. And no woman with which to enjoy this extra energy, and make me tired.

Hmm, but for about ten days now I've been on another adult action site. I paid for a subscription 2 nights ago there, and just opened an account here.

But it has me thinking. What am I going to find here? Some of these questionaires here have asked some questions and got me wondering about people.

These role playing and sex games and toys, machines, master/slave, all of that... it just seems to be something that people do when they are incapable of creating intimacy, a real connection with a real person. In my mind, all of these things would just distance me from myself, others, and the experience we both share.

I'm more for building something slowly over time, and reaping the fruit of our labors when they're ripe. If you go to a flowering apple tree and snap them all off to enjoy the smell, you get no apples and starve. I'm not opposed to enjoying the occassional flower, but also I want the apples later on.

I'd like to cook a meal together, something we both have no idea how to cook. Then later, some massages and conversation, something nice to drink. Take the night slow, and build up momentum by late evening, and then start the sex. But I want to look into the eyes... to know the person feels a connection, to see their eyes at the moment they are enjoying themselves the most, to know that I give this gift to them... and to cook breakfast the next morning, and clean up all those dirty dishes and mess we made all over the house... and leave by early afternoon... or just let it roll back into evening, a night out, some partying, dancing, clubbing, friendly/social card games, stumble back home and work off our energy once more... and again cook breakfast, and help clean up, dishes, change those sheets, give her a nice shower or bath and make her clean... but we'll probably get dirty again all afternoon... and then finally we shower again tenderly, our energies subdued for now, and then we can part... and maybe we do that again some time, or maybe I give another girl or group of girls the same wonderfully romantic, intimate, energetic, funfilled, amazing weekend.

Because that is the gift I want to experience in my life, and also to give the special ladies whom I selectively choose.

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