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10/5/2005 3:23 pm

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Upon my wall, above my computer there is a dreamcatcher. This is not a trinket from a New Age shop, but a simple circle made from a green twig, sinew, a feather and two freshwater snail shells. It is a gift from a Wisconsin medicine man who blessed it with smouldering sage and ritual.

To a special friend beyond the screen. Is this the way you catch my dreams?


10/7/2005 7:38 am

Aww, thank you *warm*. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, they're usually weird. My daughter, however, remembers nearly all of hers, and sadly, they aren't always sweet. Some are really funny though.

warmandsexy52 66M
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10/6/2005 11:17 pm

I hope your daughter has always had the sweetest of dreams. You too, dearest sensually. warm xx

warmandsexy52 66M
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10/6/2005 6:16 pm

dear wicked, thank you. I need your wisdom in answering my question: Is my computer screen a window on a virtual world, or a door that I use to travel into this cyberworld? I would like my good spirits to travel with me, and not want to be joined by the bad on my return.

I am just about to put my head to rest. Thank you for wishing me sweet dreams.

warm xx


10/6/2005 6:06 pm

What a special gift!

My daughter has a dreamcatcher in her room near her bed. She became fascinated with them when she was smaller.

warmandsexy52 66M
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10/6/2005 5:32 pm

I hope so, sweet angel. warm xx

warmandsexy52 66M
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10/6/2005 5:29 pm

dear saddletrampsk - maybe the making and blessing of the dreamcatcher are central to its spiritual value. Maybe they cannot be mass-produced. I don't know, but this simple object of twig, sinew, shell and slightly worn feather has meaning because of the way I came by it. Does it only catch bad dreams, or is it something more? Thanks for making me muse on this one. warm xx

rm_WickedFemale 64F
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10/6/2005 4:38 pm

Being part Cherokee.....the dream chaser should be placed near a door or window....the symbol is to keep the good spirts in and the bad out. The tighter the weave, the safer the keeper.....
Be well, dearest warm....and sweet dreams ~winks~

SweetDarlinAngel 41F
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10/6/2005 4:23 pm

My dreamcatcher dances above my bed, though lately I have thought to move it closer to the computer. For my dreams have been filled with things that I wouldn't say were normally found in my thoughts. I dream of green pastures and bike rides. Winding roads and tall trees, gentle hands that touch me. But when I turn around he is never there. Perhaps your dream catcher is trying to speak to mine. Do they have a way of talking?


saddletrampsk 55F

10/6/2005 3:29 pm

I put a dream catcher above my childs bed and told her it would catch all the bad dreams..she informed me it was defective and to take it back a week later..

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