What I want...day 3  

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2/11/2006 6:12 pm

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What I want...day 3

well..here it is ...Saturday...and I had to work...what I wanted was to read, think, ers, reflect, and get into AdultFriendFinder and my blog...well, despite the work...the inconvenience....finally, here I am. As I drove around today... was confrontedwith billboards, signboards,and bumper stickers with all sorts of those pithy thoughts that tend to get you thinking...so I was thinking..gee...my blog...my friends...my life...AAAHHRGG!!!
When I arived home, I was glancing through a book and came across this poem by Margaret Sangster (see: no plaigirism there AdultFriendFinder "Terms of Use" Police, I gave my source!) and it really spoke of what i was thinking and feeling throughout the day. I know...it's not a poem I wrote...and perhaps it could or should be...but my time was crunched today...so this will have to do for now....I am a fledgling writer, but that's a story for another blog post...perhaps tomorrow or Monday... If you want to read great poetry written by an AdultFriendFinder member, check "Southrnpeach333"'s blog....Dayum...! it's AWESOME!!!

here's the poem...it speaks of how I am feeling...what I dont want for today, and for what I do want for today:

It isn't the thing you do;
It's the thing you leave undone,
which gives you a bit of heartache
at the setting of the su.

The tender word forgotten
the letter you did not write,
the flower you might have sent,
are your haunting ghosts tonite.

The stone you might have lifted
out of a brother's way,
the bit of tiresome counsel
you were harried too much to say.

The loving touch of the hand,
the gentle winsome tone,
that you had no time or tho't for
with troubles of your own.

The little acts of kindness
so easily out of mind;
those chances to be helpful
which everyone may find.

No, it's not the things you do,
it's the thing you leave undone
which gives you the bit of heartache
at the setting of the sun.

well, the sun has aready set...but I did manage to get some work done today...and I did get to post a blog entry and say hello to my AdultFriendFinder friensd and frieds-to-be.

Coments....concerns...reflections....feedback?....c'mon I can take it!

southrnpeach333 51F

2/11/2006 7:22 pm

Great poem and so true. Thank you for sharing it.

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