wantmoreman 53F
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7/10/2006 2:02 am

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7/12/2006 3:07 am


Can't just take him in. I must be touched (a lot) all over before I scream.

shaper007 52M

7/11/2006 10:40 am

For me, can quite happily survive on a back massage and a blow job!!!

Caressing and touching are essential

rm_Nishkigoi 106M
14 posts
7/18/2006 3:12 am

for me it is essential to touch a woman, to get her wet and ready to take me! But hell I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Longoverdue66 52M
14 posts
7/18/2006 4:46 am

If u want to be touched and be cuddled and have the nicest massage from stronghands and a man thats honest then you can contact me,you will be surprised how good you will feel in my company.

jhb0825932126 48M
12 posts
7/31/2006 11:22 am

nice enticing post

rm_jennytile 58M

9/4/2006 5:40 am

I love foreplay and seduction butterfly kisses on back of neck. a fingernail gently running form the crack of the bum up the centre of the back to the neck. An ear lobe licked fingers running all over the body but avoiding the essential parts. Gently pushing the legs apart and tickling the inner thighs -still not wuite touching anything vital. Have i left anything out?

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