what i want in a man or wishing for the impossible dream!  

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6/5/2006 6:56 am

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6/9/2006 6:18 am

what i want in a man or wishing for the impossible dream!

Morning1 Guess you can say I've been sontemplative this morning. I've been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to figure out what it is that I really want =especailly in a man. I kow we all have these dream guys and girls. We all have this ideal person that we would love to have as a partner. I guess I wouldn't be on this site, if that was true in my real life, would it? Guess that's why we're all here. To hopefully find someone that fits that ideal type in our heads.
What I want in a man - let's see:
A nice smile
A quick wit
The ability to laugh - at himself and not to be afraid or ashamed if he fails - makes him more human
Someone good with his hands and I don't mean just in the sex department
Can give as well as receive - back rubs, leg rubs, oral sex - also cooking dinner or breakfast for a change - letting someone else watch atv program on their tv for together time without switching channels every 15 minutes because there is a commercial on!
Candlelight dinners and dancing together at home with no one around
A walk in the rain or on a beach at sunset
Likes being outside and helping with yard work and playing together - squirting with the hose, throwing weeds at each other and clowning around. My husband gets pissed if I get him dirty!
Someone to snuggle with while watching tv or listening to music.
Someone to go to the shore with, an amusement park, a historical place, to bicycle with, or hell, just to take a walk with.
Someone that isn't afraid to snuggle or give a hug or kiss in public
Someone who can help make dinner or clean the house. Actually, someone who CAN pick up after himself without being told to 50 times and then getting mad and saying you're a bitch if you do ask.
Someone that won't shake their head and call you a failure if you don't do what is asked of you or you forget.
Someone who will once in a while surprise you with a small gift or at least remember your birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day.
Someone, who for once, can make up his mind and make plans without making you do it and then getting mad because it wasn't what they wanted to do or where they wanted to eat.
Small things are important to me. A reassuring squeeze of the hand. A secret smile. Holding hands while walking through the mall. Helping out with the chores, dishes and dinner. Being able to just sit and snuggle while watching tv or a movie without switching channels.Going to the shore and relaxing on the beach as well as playing in the water! Just enjoying the surroundings and the companionship without really speaking with words.
I used to have all of that. We used to do everything together. Fish, bike, hike, go to the shore, eat out, watch movies and play in the rain. It doesn't happen much anymore and I doubt it ever will. I miss that. I want that back and I want to live my life with someone who wants to do the same - not hide on the couch all day or go with you just because they have to.
I know people need their space too and I don't want someone up my butt constantly, but it would be nice to have someone to do things with, to love, to share and not be by myself and watching the world go round and me on the outside lookig in.
How about you? Do you feel the same way? Any advice? Tell me, is it just me or are there others out there too?

wishin4fun562 61M

6/5/2006 12:39 pm

You must really feel alone sweetie. I know that I feel that way sometimes too. I come home from work and my wife is sleeping. I would liek to spend some special time, but she is always tired. I get fruestrated and just go fishing or something. I know it can't be me, because I am always trying. She is good to me with cooking and housework, etc. but the romance is not too good.

rm_Charlie19406 68M

6/6/2006 7:23 am

I feel your frustration. My situation is that my wife doesn't want sex anymore, but I definitely do. The best thing to do, in my estimation, is to take your time, get to know each other, and when the chemistry is there, GO FOR IT!

rm_Redrob 50M
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6/9/2006 2:52 am

Hey, your list does not seem that differicult to achieve, I suggest you put dead batteries in the TV remote and hide all the new ones, and then check out all the young dudes on the site for some company.

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