thanks for the advice guys  

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5/25/2006 7:47 pm
thanks for the advice guys

Thanks to those of you who read my blog and took the time to add a comment. Ihave tried everything from sexy lingerie, to sexy back rubs, to begging and it does no good. He's afraid or so he tells me. He gets chest pains sometimes and I think he thinks he'll have a heart attack if he does me. At least we would both be happy! Actually, he's on blood pressure medicine and the doc said he's in good health. Deep down inside it makes me wonder if it isn't something more. We went away three weeks ago and we did engage in sex, but it was with reluctance. I took the lead, but after years of being together, you know when it's not right.
That was the last time it happened. Three weeks, 4 days ago. He gets into the oral stuff and I hate it!I like to feel penetration and I want to have the orgasm with him inside me, not his tongue! There is no cuddling, kissing like I want which is deep, wet and long. I feel like a cheap whore sometimes and wait to see if he's going to throw money my way.
It was never like this and I want the real stuff. The foreplay, the touching, kissing long and deep, the oral but not totally and the penetration - long, deep and satisfying. Not wham, bam and thank you ma'am in a neosecond.
This is frustrating as hell! I didn't get married to be a nun! I got married to have sex legally! Now I feel like a married nun. Hell, they probably get more action than I do!
I've heardof men going through this with their wives, but I never hear a woman who has a husband with no sex drive.
I called the doc and she said she could help him if he asks, but I know him he won't and I'll still be frustrated. Guess it's time to go to the store and get another toy! The other one wore out. But there's nothing that can compare to the real thing, especially if he's good!
My husband is a great lover, but he's lazy and I'm getting tired of waiting. I guess if I wasn't such aprude, I would jump the bones of the first guy I've met, but call me a chicken liver, I want to know their names at least and see if there is any chemistry before I lock hips and put to the test all I've been taught.
So, if anyone else has an idea, let me know. ' Cause I'm gettin ready to cross that line, if only to make myself happy for once.

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