A Chance To Get Away  

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6/19/2006 6:21 pm
A Chance To Get Away

I finally got to run away for a couple of days and visit one of my favorite kids! Actually, all three are my favorite, just in different ways. This daughter, I relate to very well. We share a lot of the same interests and have the same outlook and attitude. Hers is better, of course, and she has a keen sense of what's going on in my head. We all have one that we share a special bond with as parents. This poor kid also looks a lot like me and some people think we're more sisters than mom and daughter. I laugh, but she doesn't think it's funny. She's got a good heart and a warm soul and I just like to hang out with her.
I went to conn. Great state! Very clean and very together. Not like New jersey that is disorganized and has housing developments instead of woods and farmlands and dirty! I got to see and play in the Long Island Sound, which was cool. Got to hike in some great state parks and forests and just chill at the outlets and eateries there. If you like seafood, that's the place to go!
Got home after some relaxation tday to be greeted by my cats, the bird and the guinea pig. Everybody talking at once! LOL! I think they were trying to tell my how they were treated this weekend without me and from the condition of my house, it wasn't good. I just can't understand how one man can make such a mess by himself! I still haven't figured out how my white floor got black and sticky when he claims he didn't do anything all weekend long and from the look of things, he was right. Nothing got done and nothing happened. I would rather trust my 20year old son here with a party than my husband alone in our house! At least, he cleans up his messes!
Oh, well, it was somewhat nice to come home, even though I wanted to turn right around and go back. sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own house. I walk through this place and wonder when I began to want to run away. This is supposed to be my dream home. This is my blank canvas that I have started to express myself on. Most of the rooms are completed but my bedroom and the hallway. Neither is getting done becaue I don't have the desire to do them.
I wanted our room to be romantic and sensual. But why? So the vibrator can enjoy it?! I think not! It doesn't care what color it is. As long as it has batteries in it, it's happy, and .... so am I.
I've tried to get my husband's input into it because it is, after all, his room too, when he sleeps in it. He likes the family room best.
He says do it my way, he'll like it no matter what and I just smile and say "that's fine" and the walls are still white, the bedspread is myold one and the blinds are hanging uncovered on the windows.
It'll get done - eventually. When I get the inspiration to do it or I get bored, whichever comes first. I'm sure he won't care. He just goes there to sleep anyway.
So, I figured this summer, I'm going to go to Conn more often and play in the Sound and hike in the woods and chill at the outlets and eat some great seafood! Isn't that what summers are for?

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