First step is an important one...  

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9/12/2006 1:18 am

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First step is an important one...

Just finished closing a deal with PETRONAS for one of their project in East Malaysia. That's one more job done. This should ease the burden on my shoulder and in my head at least for the moment but the thoughts of (stop thinking...savour this moment...think later...go and get yourself something...). Yeah, sometimes i do think a lot.

While walking thought the crowds going to the car park, someone pat me on my shoulder while calling my name. The voice sounded familiar, very familiar.

So there was I, sitting in Dome KLCC having a latte with an old friend of mine(we go way back...) having a conversation and a good laugh while enjoying each other company. It's been like ages. I think the last time I met him was during his wedding ceremonies with a wonderful lady that i know very well (my heart used to be hers...thought of what had happened...I don't blame both of them though...was my fault anyway...i guess that's what we call fate...).

We talked about the days when we were at the university, the cruel intentions, how popular and good looking we were (yeah right...), the girls that fell while trying to resist our charm and the stupidity that comes with all of that. He was the the grad's vice president and was in the varsity soccer squad. I was the vice president of the taekwondo club, a member of the soccer squad and was in the varsity chess team (can't say that I was a genius but some of us just have a high IQ...I guess). We were sharing a room with one of the top scorer in our class .Although he was a nerdy type, he was good with ladies and even have a hot girlfriend to proove it (the thoughts of him trying to woe a particular hot babe makes both of us laught indeed...he tried everything in the book...even asked for our advise when the ship was hit by a storm and when the car ran out of fuel...eventually he succeeded...the hot babe eventually became his girlfriend and later became his wife and they live hapilly ever after...).

Out of nowhere he mentioned AdultFriendFinder to me. I thought he was talking about a local reality singing competition so he laught at me. He then told me that this is something I have to check out. Without even asking, he gave me some more info about AdultFriendFinder.

We were still catching up the stories of our life when I told him we had to part for the time being as I have to go back to the office. He nodded and told me we should get together again with our nerdy friend someday (done it...had a great time...). We exchange numbers and we parted with him carrying presents i just bough for his wife and his 4 year old daughter.

Well, it's been like almost three months since that day. Lot's of things had happened. Things that made me feel happy and things that made me feel blue. Sun shining over the clear blue sky and the storm that passed by together with the rain. I still remember the hardship of trying to choose a handle (my friend laugh at me when I told him what my handle sounds did I...)and how it all cleared up when I finally came by to the room and start checking out the citizens of this little kingdom.

My first impression was, this is just a waste and a bunch of crap but I still ended up telling someone of my little adventure of swimming naked at midnight on my first day. As days passed by, I'm still here (surprised by it myself), having fun and making new friends (is someone we know only by name and haven't seen or know how they look like can be considered as friend?...been asking that my self over and over...) and wasting my time ( i don't have time to waste...most of my work starts after most of them are on their way back home and with the looks of being happy as the day at work is over).

Think that's all for the time being (still thinking what in the hell was my friend thinking off by joining this site when he is happily married...I guess everyone had their own secret...). Don't you...

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9/12/2006 1:43 am

Now i know why youre here !! WELCOME TO BLOGLAND DEAR .. hugs and kisses.. KARLS

~ The New & Improved Cocksucker ~

klbunny 46F

9/12/2006 6:48 am

So that's your excuse for joining AdultFriendFinder? You're blaming your friend?? LOL meet all types in here, am sure you've found out for yourself. Enjoy's been very cathartic for me!

bohemianmuse 34F

9/13/2006 11:16 am

Hello, handsome. Welcome to blogland. Since you're new, means I have bullying rights. *lol* Just kidding. See you around.

P.S. I just realized you're in KL but I never chatted with you before... that ain't right. I'll catch you in the chatroom soon. Take care, bad boy.

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