My Booby Picture  

want_a_bite 58F
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6/17/2006 10:20 am

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12/7/2006 3:08 pm

My Booby Picture

My friend Lovespell11 asked people to post booby pictures in her blog for Rooster's birthday. So I submitted the booby picture you see to the left for A`F`F approval. No surprise that the A`F`F censors said no, and with no explanation, how rude. So I'm posting it here, so Rooster can get his thrill, and yeah I've only got one breast.

warmandsexy52 66M
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6/17/2006 10:50 am

I would certainly get that seen to! lol

warm xx

timberwolf6972 45M

6/17/2006 11:32 am

Lmao! You got me! {=}

caressmewell 55F

6/17/2006 12:17 pm

a shin booby

rm_rocko4u1or2 61M
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6/17/2006 12:20 pm

Must hurt like hell when you bump into the coffee table...

oldman1776 80M
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6/17/2006 12:55 pm


spacecadet561 61M

6/17/2006 12:58 pm

Verrry interesting.


Myhoneysrooster 69M
882 posts
6/17/2006 5:11 pm

All I can say is thanks for the unique boob shot.

Hey I appreciate you taking the time to say happy birthday.
/Very sweet of you.

I would be interested to know where the guys look when they talk to you. LOL

Thanks for the smile

rm_truedom2 57M
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6/18/2006 4:07 am

Nice nipple.

rm_looking4hswf 48M

6/19/2006 7:28 am

Hey...want a bite you live in my area.

rm_chiefeng 58M

6/24/2006 7:33 am


fillsnicely06 70M

7/25/2006 8:52 pm

Must be hard getting a bra,are all your other parts spaced like that?I didn`t see one on the other leg,I hope you have another somewhere.

RavishAndRavage 63M
3 posts
7/31/2006 8:46 pm

hmmm, you would be perfect for those men who cannot decied whether they are leg men or chest-nuts!

enjoyntheview 62M  
8 posts
8/26/2006 2:02 pm

You must use support hose.

allenethanm 71M/66F

11/6/2006 7:59 am

Who said boobs that hang low can't be fun?

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