I padded the bra a little  

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4/26/2006 5:00 pm

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I padded the bra a little

I've been having fun. I made a new dress. I have a new friend Seriously_Real. He's been really nice to me. He probably sent you here. And I blab in his blog sometimes. He's furry Seriously_Realand lives down South. He's soooo cool, maybe 'cause that fur makes his shirt stand away from his body, ventilation you know, breezy.

I asked him yesterday if I could call him Sly, like Seriously, but without the erious. I don't know if he's a Sly kinda guy or not; but "Seriously" was messin' with my sentence structure, and all this writing is takin' a long time without that bother.

He said OK about Sly, if he could call me Puck, 'cause he thinks I'm puckish. At first I wasn't sure that was a compliment or maybe a misspelling of pukeish. Pucklike might be more understandable, but then I'd have to watch out for hockey players. Ooooops, stream of consciousness way out of control, rapids ahead.

There, back on track, phew. I'm good with Puck, and I think Puck comes from the woods, so I made a woodswoman's dress, and I padded the bra a little, but you can't see because it's camouflage.

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