I'm Proud and Perky  

want_a_bite 58F
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4/26/2006 4:01 pm
I'm Proud and Perky

Ok, I'm back on my tippy toes, not totally chipper, but better. I'm so glad I allowed myself to use that Hide button.

Now I don't know what to say. Oh, I know. How about something timely...

Oftentimes, I've been flying along then crashed headfirst, hard into the dirt. It hurt, and there was dirt up my nose, and I was scared that worms would crawl into my mouth.

And I knew there was a way, a tool, to help me pop back up, maybe not all the way onto my tippy toes, but at least escape the worms and stuff. But I stayed in the dirt.

I don't know if I felt like I needed to pay for my sins. Or maybe I was just scared that if I popped back up, I might crash again, and it hurt so much to crash. And I was sorta getting used to the dirt. It was awfully dark, but sorta safe too. Nothing else could touch me ... except those worms.

So oftentimes I didn't use the tool to pop me back up until I was really down or until a friend helped me or maybe tickled my feet.

But today, I took care of myself, all by myself, and I'm proud and perky. I pressed the Hide button.

I'm not flying yet, but I will be tomorrow, just come back and see.

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