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RD(from yesterday) wrote back... I responded... Last time...
Hi RD-
Thanks for your note. If you test that high (IQ145), and still struggle with writing, you might want to read "Change your Brain, Change Your Life" by Daniel Amen. You may have some wires that need uncrossing up there, and you can uncross them!! That book changed my life, along with therapy and friends and hard work.

I've had ADD all my life, but just got officially diagnosed 4 years ago. I've coped well with the ADD all my life, but I've often felt bad about my life, and negatively described myself to others. I've learned in the past 4 years that FEELINGS are not FACTS.

YOU use a lot of NEGATIVES in describing yourself. I've gradually learned not to do that anymore, and feel much happier and have more friends. Daniel Amen calls Negative Thoughts "ants", automatic-negative-thoughts.

You need to become aware of them "ants", and yes, visually imagine/picture them as ants - then stomp on em good - and quickly add a POSTIVE version of the same thought. It'll feel awkward and fake at first, but it does eventually work, and YOU'RE WORTH IT.

Thanks - and congratulations - for inviting me to "chat" and "Do you know where the condoms are?". I frankly can't stand the slow pace of "chatting" if you mean typing back and forth, and I also think you'd be better off chatting up the ladies somewhere in real life. Practice, man, practice. This is probably the last time I'll respond to your emails; I care for you along with the rest of mankind and womankind, but I also need to care for myself. Get out there and live! That's where I'll be!

And yes, I do know where the condoms are, in the drawer of my bedside table.

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