Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!  

want2makeUlaugh 42M
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4/6/2006 12:38 pm
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

When breaking off any relationship, ie; Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife, Submissive/Master, Employee/Employer, Friend/Fuck Buddy, etc...What is the best way to ensure the least emotional trauma for all parties involved?
Be completely honest....Even if it will destroy them...Honesty is the best policy.
Tell the other party that "it's not them, it's me (you)" even if it is them.
Start an aurgument as justification for leaving mad, then avoid them until they get the hint.
Disapear, change your name, get a new social security number
Fake a mental breakdown.
Sleep with their best friend, show them the video.
Hit them with the car, run them over 47 times and claim it was an accident.
Publicily humiliate yourself by getting sloshed at their work function and peeing on their boss...they'll dump you!
Become a Priest or Nun.

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