Small World  

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9/18/2005 1:45 pm

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Small World

So a friend went to go get a tattoo saturday, and I went with. It was a fairly large one, so i had time to browse around, talk with some people. Thought about getting a piercing while I was waiting, but couldn't decide between eyebrow, or some place on my ear. I have long hair, so the ear wouldnt really show, so I went with eyebrow. I had considered this spot for years, and I already had a small scar, so if one day i remove it, it wont make much of a difference. But piercing through scar tissue is a little tough. End result: I like it, looks good, and I might do 2 more along the same eyebrow. What do you think, 3 bars on one side cool?

Guess what? Old crush comes online on saturday night, and I find out shes single. I slept with her twice, but we never ended up having sex, and now shes looking to get laid. This is also the girl who, after hearing about it, wanted to see my dick. Her reaction was quite funny; she said 'oh my god!' and stumbled off choking. When she recovered she said it was so big its scary, or that I have a monster cock, cant remember. I'm not That huge; if u havent figured it out, my measurments (more or less) are in my name, length, width, girth.

But I really what to sleep with this woman. Call it unfinished business, a matter of pride, or just cause shes fucking sexy. Hopefully, I'll be adding a good story soon. On a side note, one of my exes is dating one of her exes. Small world.

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