PC Push Ups, Dick Press, Shadow Exorcism...  

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9/7/2005 8:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

PC Push Ups, Dick Press, Shadow Exorcism...

Nothing exciting been going on here the past couple of days. Still reading my book, doing my practices. Newest one is PC push ups, which is the exercise i've heard of before, so started doing it again on the bus and metro to and fro work. And! They mention lifting things with ur dick, starting with a towel. I'll stick with Bibles and dictionaries. Next exercise, masturbate without ejaculating. No porn allowed.

So my cat eats wet food, won't touch the dry, the picky fucker. He also sees the ghosts living in my apartment. I became used to them after about 2 months here, other people who sense it say we have shadows. Gonna call a medium or get a Ouija board cause he keeps getting freaked out...

So my ex and I were playing with the cat, and she starts acting all cat-like. She bites my neck and I can't help but growl and claw her. She bites harder, i bite back. Yada yada yada, crazy animal sex. Yada yada, people across the street on a balcony watching us.

Like I said, nothing exciting on my end.

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