My Fav Oral Sex Techniques  

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8/28/2005 12:09 pm

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My Fav Oral Sex Techniques

I love oral sex, almost a fetish for me, as long as she's good or willing to learn. I like it with enthusiasm; that's the most important thing. If I girl doesn't like doing it, she won't get into it and I wont get off. I'll describe some of my favorite oral techniques, and what hand techniques work well with them.

Lipping. Her mouth open, lips loose. Having just the head of my dick between her lips, using her tongue just on the head. Tongue can vary between lick, twirl, tease, whatever. A loose jerk is good for this or wet 2 finger (in a O shape) stroke. The point is to accentuate the feeling on the head, sort of smacking it against the lips, not quite being completly inside her mouth, lips not pressed.
Good variations: reverse (OMG!) and her head moving side to side or in a circle.

Cheeking. Her head sideways, mouth open, allowing my dick to slide on the inside of her cheek. Again, go crazy with whatever tongue movement. Switching between just running my dick over her lips and tongue, mouth slightly closed, or sliding on lips and teeth when mouth closed. Something about the ripples of teeth are nice. Not much hand can do, except hold on. A hand on top to control where the dick goes is good. Wet hand wrapped around is good too.

Hummer. What guy doesn't love this? Rarely done, as most girls don't like humming a tune while sucking a dick, but it can be masked with humming moans. Anything works with this, its the humming that matters.

I can go on and on, but im heading out. I'll post more later, as well as my eating pussy techniques.
Additional information: do not like when lips are kinda sucked in, or dry mouth, or vacuum suction. Rings of Saturn is a hand technique: both hands, 2 fingers in Os, rotating and moving up and down.

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