Adventures of a Train Driver  

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7/28/2006 6:55 pm

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Adventures of a Train Driver

This is my first attempt at writing a piece of erotica. Pls let me know what you think.

Adventures Of A Train Driver

I was driving the last train back from a rural place in Yorkshire when I was stopped at a signal in the middle of nowhere. After speaking with the signaller for some time it became apparent that I would not be going anywhere for some time due to some technical difficulties further down the line. I tried to telephone the conductor who was in the rear cab of the train to let him know what the situation was but the intercom would not work so I decided to walk through the train and tell him personally. As I made my way down the isle I was surprised to see that there was only one customer on the train, a beautiful red haired woman in a small black dress sat at one of the table seats. I stopped to tell her that we were going to be delayed. As I was explaining I became aware that my eyes were being drawn to her lips. She was wearing a glossy pink lipstick that shined erotically in the dim lights of the train. I became entranced by the fullness of her mouth and as she spoke a reply I was unaware of her words as I fantasised about placing my mouth against hers. I mentally snapped back into the real world for a moment to see that she was smiling at me, her eyes looking straight into mine. She seemed to sense my attraction and stood up to face me, our bodies only inches apart in the narrow isle. She placed one hand on my hip and the other playfully on the back of my neck and said “Well if we’re not going anywhere for a while we may as well get to know each other”, and with that she pulled my head towards hers. Our lips touched, so gently, the softness of her mouth enveloping my soul, her delicate perfume rising in the air, every sense in my body acute. The kiss became more passionate, pressing harder and harder, our tongues touching and gliding over each other. I ran my hands down her back and onto her buttocks, feeling the tiny thong she was wearing through the satin of her little black dress, pulling her towards my already hardening cock. I lifted her so that she now sat on the table, spreading her legs she pulled me against her so that as I stood there she ground her groin against mine. I ran my hands up her legs, her perfect skin was soft to the touch as she lay back on her elbows. I slowly kneeled at the table and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, the smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of her moistening pussy filled my head. As I reached her mound I could see that her thong was already damp, I looked up to see that she had her head back and her eyes closed in anticipation of my mouth contacting her most sensual parts. I began by kissing her mound through the thong, softly at first and then with more and more pressure. She began to moan and arched her back as she became more and more aroused. I pulled the thong to one side to reveal that she had the smoothest shaven pussy. Desperate to taste her juices I ran my tongue up and down her labia, she groaned as I parted her with my fingers and ran the flat of my tongue the across her. Sucking on her clitoris and sliding my tongue in and out of her, her moans getting louder and louder. I slid one finger into her damp inviting hole and was overjoyed to feel how tight she was, my one finger being gripped by this goddess like pussy. She began to cum as I stimulated her with my finger and tongue, her body writhing on the table and her juices running down my hand. As she climaxed she wrapped her legs behind my head and pulled my face hard into her pussy, grinding my mouth against her, moaning and moaning until she relaxed.

I stood and faced her as she sat up on the table again, her first reaction to grab me and kiss me all over my face, tasting her own cum. As she kissed me she grabbed my cock through my trousers, gripping it tightly as she yanked on it. I pushed her hand away as I undid my pants and let them fall around my ankles, she grasped at my boxers pulling them down and pulled me hard towards her. Still sat on the table with me stood in front of her she wrapped her silky legs around me. I guided my hard cock into her and pushed hard into her tightness. Her pussy gripped me tight as I began slow firm strokes into her, her legs wrapped high around my waist, her arms around my neck, my hands locked around her back. I sensed that she was beginning to cum again as my strokes became deeper and faster, her face only centimetres away from mine I could feel the quickening of her sweet breath on my face. I wanted to time my orgasm with hers but with the tightness of her pussy and the sight of her glossy lips so close to mine I feared that I may not last long. My fears were of no consequence though, as she began to climax again. I looked straight into her eyes as I fucked her as hard as I could. She gripped me with her legs and began to scream with pleasure, my own orgasm rising within me and bursting out to fill her as our lips finally locked again in that perfect moment…….

You may be wondering where the conductor of the train was….. The answer is asleep in the rear compartment of the train. And as for me….Well I eventually got the train back to the station.

wannahumpunow2 41M

7/28/2006 7:38 pm

You opionions are valuable

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7/31/2006 12:50 pm

A very good attempt as a first writer

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