I want... a fantasy  

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2/10/2006 11:07 am

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I want... a fantasy

Quite bz nowadays that I rarely have time to go online...
For those who take d trouble to read my blog..thanks. Now one of d viewer ask me to exactly describe d type of man that I want... Hmmm, d answer is, a fantasy type.. coz I'm not sure if I can find one as such..
Here it goes, as a woman, I want to be love as soul mate, pamper as a queen.. fuck till I can't take it anymore yet with my freedom still intact...

For me, sex, isn't just sex... it's an expression.. art. Not everyone understand it but all do it. Sex is about experimenting wit d sensation in own body... I don't have fav positon.. as each day, each time, each partner.... is different. Isn't this discovery what make sex interesting... After all, it's d journey not d destination, that imporant. But is this physical sensation enough?
Sure, size n skill does matter but what really give d REAL satisfaction? I usually feel empty afterward, yes, d sex was great but still I carve for more...

For my fantasy man, I want to be pamper before and afterward... A nice dinner, roses etc..(psst, it doesn't have to be expensive) Kisses, licking etc as foreplay..arouse my desire till i can't take it anymore, till I hav to scream 'take me'.... then being fuck till I'm dry...n yet thoroughly drench wit cum... then afterward, soft kisses n being cuddle to sleep...
That's what i want....

Unfortunately, can't find that... Instead, I meet those men who just stick it in... or can give good foreplay but can't last long in d game... or great fucker but selfish, soonest he satisfied, that's that...

Maybe it just my luck to be with men whose a 'taker' rather than 'giver' or maybe, I'm d one who at fault for demanding too much..

I let you to be judge of that

bigpinga5 38M
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2/10/2006 12:25 pm

wild sex is great

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