I'm Bored  

wanhavfunn 44F
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11/16/2005 3:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm Bored

Hmmm...quite new here, just thought of sharing my days wit someone...maybe there's others who feel like me... is there?

I massage men for living... thus it's common for me to see naked bodies...not to mention their private part...it's just part of my job... Plus I'm often asked about all sort of question by my customers... some are quite intimate...n I did try to answer as best as I could

Just that, nowdays, I start to feel bored... especially in my personal life. I want more... much more...

Problem is, I don't want any sort of commitment and it is difficult to find somebody to truly satisfied me... I bored of changing partners especially most of them are quite lousy in bed...

I just want a steady lover... someone who could please me on bed and pamper me.... but where could I find one that will be able to give me what I want?

markade 46M
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11/17/2005 3:33 am

Well, your problem should be end here as I'm too looking for non commitment relationship. I've a number of experiences and we can arrange a day to meet up. What do you think?

fwolfc 44M
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11/18/2005 5:32 am

Well, everyone has got to earn a living i guess......

I always wondered that about massuerers and gynaecologist whether boredom sets in....

I think you should find someone you can talk to and hang out with...

Conversation and someone who makes u laugh is always sexy.....

rm_hotchoc73 44M
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11/20/2005 10:56 pm

Well wanhavfunn, there is nothing easier in this world than to find a guy who doesn't want a commitment. But to find the good ones (in bed of course) among them will be quite a challenge if you never tried them. You'll never know if a person is good in bed unless you give it a go. I can understand that boredom sets in as you look at the genitals all day and fucking becomes like a routine to you. All it takes is usually something out of the ordinary. That did the trick for me. And I guess you have to let your partners know what you like and perhaps guide them as needed. Perhaps then you'll find your bliss

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