Guys Nite Out w/consequences  

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6/7/2006 6:13 pm

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Guys Nite Out w/consequences

Last night I planned to stay home after a long day at work. An unexpected call from a friend surprised me, haven't heard from him in a few months. Asked if I were interested in joining a few friends for a few beers. Where? Oh, you'll see...What is this....we're not college kids just looking to hang. Am I missing something? A fun nite out with the boyz and not knowing where we're going? The guys are in the 36-40 age bracket but act like they're back in college. A fun nite out for me is not to get in a car and just drive. Mind you, these guys are also divorced and searching...for what I'm not sure. For some reason that I haven't figured out is why I'm so bored with this limited social life. Been there and done that.

Damn...I said yes and we travelled north to a local strip club by the beach. Not sure what's wrong, but watching good looking dancers stripping wasn't giving me a rise. I'm not gay, and I am a raging hetero these days...just wondering out loud...

Is this post-divorce trauma? I can't stand living alone. I can't stand hanging around a bunch of guys reliving their youth, or is it this new found freedom? I can't stand not being able to touch these gorgeous gals...I adore long legged women, but still I can't touch, but they're within my grasp...I just want to touch her...these dancers really know how to tease you.

Well, not one to waste good beers, I drank a few too many. One of the girls came over and wanted me to buy her a drink. I said no....I recall she was persistent...I pulled out a $20 bill and put it in her bikini bottom....I must have been heavy handed because I pulled her bikini bottom off, ooops, and my hand touched her crotch, unintentially, really, it was a mistake....she was shaved and had smooth skin...I think there was a momentary rise some place.

Anyway, before I knew what hit me, a hand grabbed my shoulders and picked me up. I was going out the door when I realized what happened. I've never in my life been thrown out of a strip happened so fast and after a few too many beers, I didn't feel myself hit the ground.

If you can call them friends, these idiots came out laughing and couldn't believe what I did. Christ, I haven't drank so much in quite some time. While I was married, I didn't drink much at all. OK, so I'm flexing my wings a bit....I gotta get over this...loose the baggage!

I'd like to know if anyone else had been thrown out of a strip club for one reason or another? If so, what did you do? Were you embarrassed about it, or did you shrugg it off?

One of my favorite movie scenes ever was when Cher smacked Nicholas Cage in the face and told him to snap out of it! I think that's what I need...somebody, please slap me! And if you do, I hope your wearing black leather.

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