Sexual Addiction vs Sexual Identification.  

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7/22/2006 10:06 pm

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Sexual Addiction vs Sexual Identification.

"Hi my name is John and I've been told I'm a sex addict for the last 20 years!"

I guess thats how it would sorta sound if I entered myself into a 12 step program for sex addiction. I've had numerous girlfriends and women whom I have dated/met who have arrived at this physchological analysis. According to them I have a mental condition that REQUIRES some sort of medical treatment and/or therapy. WOW! I guess I'm fucked up!

But hold on. According to "Sex Addicts Anonymous'" helpful self-assessment tool ( guess I don't really qualify (Hmmm... damn I thought I finally had an answer after all these years). So what's the deal? I guess I'm just a guy who has really kinky fantasies and enjoys acting them out. Why is that so hard for women to understand? My only guess is that I have (for the most part) acknowledged my sexual identity.

In the process of discovering my true identity iI have accepted several truths about myself...

1) I wish I were bi-sexual. Most men cringe at the very thought of man on man sex. I have considered it and rejected it based on the fact that I don't find men sexually stimulating. Period. I wish I were Bi. I mean I could have a TON more sex. It would be a great pick-up line at a bar... "Hey baby, how'd you like to go home with me and my boyfriend and watch him fuck the shit out of me- (ewwe... another reason why I don't find it hot)-?
I could find a sugar daddy. It seems most gay men are rich and love to travel. Free vacations!!!! But alas, NO. I crave the female of our species to get naked with and play Dr. with ("Now relax, this may feel a bit strange...."). So while I have never had a problem sharing a woman (fodder for later posts), I have never longed for the touch of another man (even if he promised NEVER to sing show tunes). So I can safely declare I'm not bi!

2) I have a fetish for high heels. I think it's pretty obvious, chicks in high heels rule.

3)..... TO be continued ....

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7/23/2006 1:43 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I can't wait to read #3. I hope you'll stop by mine and say hello some time!

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