Homosexuality vs. Homosexual Acts in the Bible  

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4/17/2006 10:06 pm

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Homosexuality vs. Homosexual Acts in the Bible

oh man, i know i'm gonna get some heat for this (if people actually read it lol), but it's the truth!! just decided to post this because some forums i frequent had a topic about a student getting kicked out from a university for being gay (various factors were involved), among other reasons. i wanted to make clear the following, so here we go:

the bible does not ever mention the homosexual orientation directly, nor does it say it's a sin.

homosexuality is defined as an orientation towards people of the same sex OR sexual activity with those of the same sex. when fundamental christian groups use the term, they do not specify either definition, thus leaving us to assume that they are implying both definitions of homosexuality are sins according to the bible. however, the fact is this: the bible only explicitly makes reference to homosexual ACTS, which is far from the same as the orientation.

being homosexual in itself is not a sin. one can be homosexual and abstain from sex and it wouldn't be a sin for him or her to have those feelings. fundamental christians are generalizing passages and expanding their meanings without any justification. in much the same way, if the passages regarding sin in the bible were taken for face value, eating shellfish would be a sin worthy of severe punishment. why aren't shellfish eaters singled out by fundamental christians?

i am of the opinion that when - especially - it comes to homosexuals, people are scared of what they don't understand. as a heterosexual, i can't possibly begin to understand what kind of feelings homosexuals go through. but that does not mean patronizing and abusing them is the only form of action. why not make an effort to understand first, THEN decide what you wanna do? they are different, as we all are, but they are still HUMAN.

you may be asking yourself, is it possible to be homosexual and not commit a sin by being involved in homosexual acts? obviously, yes. extreme or rare examples are gay priests, "closet" gay men or women who live their lives as heterosexuals (i.e. married to the opposite sex, with kids), and gay people who just abstain from sex altogether, who try to change themselves. again, they're a minority group, but they're still there. and even though there are many who are openly gay and will admit to having sex, so WHAT? first of all, it's not harming anyone and it really isn't anyone's business, and second, we should be more concerned with pedophiles, murderers and the sort.

well then, another question you might be asking is why split hairs like that? the answer: people have to get detailed and technical if they are going to use orientation as a basis to discriminate. fundamental christians are NOT doing this, they are merely pointing fingers and spurting their own BS-filled words. the end result is that they end up looking like idiots because, frankly, they are WRONG.

i have many gay friends and i'm tired of people saying homosexuality as an orientation is a sin in the bible. this post is for them. educate yourself and others before speaking about such a sensitive topic...that way, you don't end up looking like a fundamental christian (i.e. idiot)! ^_^


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