Had Fun Playing  

w_goose 56M
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6/21/2006 9:16 pm
Had Fun Playing

Sorry for no update in a while but just had nothing to write about. But I sure do now (weg)

Last Saturday wife and I went to Austin to play with a couple that we had been chatting with for a while. The Wednesday before the wife went up to play with the man.

My wife had worked the night before so was going to sleep on the way there and back and play until she pooped out.

When we arrived we had a light lunch and then it was time for fun. we broke off into pairs and went into different rooms. The clothes stayed on for only a few seconds as the lust was very strong. I like to tease a leetle when I play and so we were going strong for a good couple of hours.

We took a break and by this time my wife had pooped out.

We started another round and this time the husband joined us.

One of the greatest memories of this event for me was the way and how much her body reacted with mine. She said she had a small pussy. I said we will need to be careful then because I am on the large side. I also told her its not the size that really matter but how you use it that really counts.

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