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4/23/2006 1:26 pm
Zoup De Jour

Well, today is a cooking day. Granted, I've got other chores to throw in there, but mostly, it'll be spent cooking a big batch of soup. Or stew. I'm never sure which. Beef though, at least I know that much.

I had the beef in my freezer and the potatoes in my pantry. So I hit Wally World for some corn, carrots, sweet onions, green onions, asparagus, brocoli, and 'fresh' basil. I wanted some snow peas too, but I couldn't find any. Oh well. I think I have some frozen peas in the freezer somewhere. I hope. It's not nearly the same, but oh well.

So now it's time to spend an age cutting it all up. Then it'll be time to spend an age cooking it.

Ah, but it smells so good though. I love being in the house after that. Mmmm. And it tastes good too. If it didn't, I'd buy that canned stuff. Yuck. It's amazing that with all of our modern technology we still can't make decent canned soup.

Of course, what got me first started making soup was the bones and less-than-desirable meat from turkeys after Thanksgiving. Mmm. Turkey soup is good. But I've found it helps to use half chicken stock and half turkey stock. Turkey is just so bland on its own.

Then I started doing curry chicken potato soups because you just can't find those.

And then I quickly realized how much better it was to do beef from scratch too. I'm really not a big fan of using tomato in the soup stock. Tomato is good in some things, but when I have beef soup, I want beef stock.

And before I knew it, I was a home-made-soup maniac. Now I tend to make gallons at a time in a big arsed pot.

The real advantage though is the quality. I mean the texture, the taste, and even the nutritional value. It's all better when you make it yourself using quality ingrediants. And it fills the home with such a wonderful aroma. Mmmm.

And the hidden surprise when you forget to take a dried bay leaf out. Oops. Done that a few times. I should write down how many I put in so that I know if I've found them all. Nah! Too logical.

What you don't plan on eating that week, just toss in the freezer. Gladware has made that awfully cheap and easy these days. (Thank goodness too, because messing with freezer bags is a pain.)

Plus, while it may seem expensive to buy all of the ingrediants, what you actually get out of it is so much cheaper than canned soup pound-for-pound.

It's a shame that society has 'advanced' to such a point that this kind of lifestyle is rare these days. Sometimes I wonder for all our technology what we've really gotten.

Ah well. Anywho, enough yapping. I've got to get started some time if I want any sleep tonight.

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